Can my spouse spouse receive half of my Social Security back pay in the divorce settlement?

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No. Because it is the persons case based on their work history
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Can a divorced spouse receive railroad retirement and social security?

Hi I am 55 years of age. My ex husband is 61. We were married for 22 years while he worked for the railroad. He just recently retired from the railroad after 40 years and is d

Can you draw Social Security on a divorced spouse?

You can if you were married for at least 10 years, but not until you reach the age of eligibility to receive Social Security benefits. If you have been married more than onc

Would you pay spouse support if you on social security?

It depends. Were you ordered to pay spousal support in the divorce decree, and for what length of time? If you were, then you pay. Otherwise, it is up to you. If you want to h

Can divorced people receive Social Security benefits if they are unmarried when the ex-spouse dies?

Yes, if the couple was married at least ten years and the surviving spouse is at least 60 years of age (survivors' retirement benefits) or 50, if disabled -- provided the surv

Can your divorced spouse draw off your social security?

If you were married at least 10 years and the spouse has not remarried, then he/she would receive the standard 50% share from your social security pension. It does not lower y

Does a spouse have to pay alimony if he goes on social security disability?

Alimony is usually paid to one or other of the divorced partners from a marriage. It is also usually set by the court as part of the divorce settlement. However if the divorce

Can a surviving spouse receive social security benefits?

Generally yes, assuming you were legally married and didn't do them in. The surviving spouse can collect when they reach 62. If a surviving spouse is caring for a child who is