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Can my spouse spouse receive half of my Social Security back pay in the divorce settlement?

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No. Because it is the persons case based on their work history
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Can divorced people receive Social Security benefits if they are unmarried when the ex-spouse dies?

Yes, if the couple was married at least ten years and the surviving spouse is at least 60 years of age (survivors' retirement benefits) or 50, if disabled -- provided the surv

Can you file for a divorce after your spouse receives his green card?

Yes, but your spouse may lost their green card because of it. They received one because they were married to an American citizen. Normally you need to stay together for 3 year

Does your spouse get half of your inheritance if yall get divorced?

  It depends on the law of your state. In Texas, all property is presumed to be community property, unless you can show by clear and convincing evidence that it is separat

How many years of marriage is needed in the state of Indiana to receive half of spouses pension in the state of Indiana divorce laws?

Indiana currently does not have any laws that support any kind of spousal support. During a divorce the amount of the marital assets owed to each party is decided by the Judge

If you are awarded Social Security disability back pay will your children receive back pay?

Yes. You and each qualified minor child will receive a separate check or direct deposit based on the number of months of back pay awarded multiplied by the monthly benefit amo

Can you draw Social Security on a divorced spouse?

You can if you were married for at least 10 years, but not until you reach the age of eligibility to receive Social Security benefits. If you have been married more than once,

Can your divorced spouse draw off your social security?

If you were married at least 10 years and the spouse has not remarried, then he/she would receive the standard 50% share from your social security pension. It does not lower y

Can a teacher collect Social Security from a spouse?

Call 1-800-772-1213 or visit Social Security Online for answers. You should contact SSA for specific answer. Of course a teacher can collect social security from a spouse. H

Can a surviving spouse receive social security benefits?

Generally yes, assuming you were legally married and didn't do them in. The surviving spouse can collect when they reach 62. If a surviving spouse is caring for a child who is

Do you have to pay off your spouse if you keep the house in a divorce?

It depends on the terms of your divorce settlement and distribution of marital assets. The settlement will be negotiated by your respective attorneys. If you cannot agree then