Can people born in 1958 still draw their Social Security retirement benefits at 62 years old?

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Yes. You can take early retirement at age 62 if you have accumulated the required 40 work credits, but your benefit amount will be reduced to approximately 75% of what you would receive if you postponed retirement until full retirement age.

People born in 1958 reach full retirement age at 66 + 8 months (eight months after your 66th birthday in 2024).
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Can a wife collect Social Security at 62 years old if her husband is still working?

Only under certain circumstances. A wife can collect Social Security at age 62 while the husband works only if the husband has already reached full retirement age (65 for pe

If I retire at age 62 and collect Social Security can I still earn money?

Yes. If you retire at age 62, you can earn $1,180 per month ($14,160 per year) in wages and an unlimited amount of income from passive sources, like 401k, annuities, dividends

Can your wife draw Social Security retirement benefits if she has never worked?

Yes, if you have earned at least 40 work credits and apply for your own retirement benefits, your wife is eligible to draw an additional 50% in benefits based on your work rec

You were born in 1953 can you draw Social Security at age 62?

Yes, under the current laws anyone who has accumulated 40 work credits may retire at age 62, but you will only receive approximately 75% of the benefit you would be entitled t

How much income can you earn and still draw early Social Security at age 62?

2010 and 2011 If you are 62 years old in 2010, you will reach full retirement age at 66. Under 2010 SSA guidelines, people who have not yet reached full retirement age can