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AnswerYes, humans CAN eat dog food. It is not advisable, however, because dog food is often made with various "filler" that is not as strictly regulated as human food. Which raises the question "should I feed my dog, dog food?" If you are worried about it, Blue Buffalo brand is advisable or any other comparable organic brand... for you and your dog.

i think it would not be okay to eat dog food but if it organic it would make it healthier for you and your dog although humans actually can eat dog food.
Personally I wouldn't eat dog food that is just gross.
But you can also get sick or pass away and you be stupid to eat dog food so don't.
Dogs can also eat people food but then you have to ask what foods you can give and the ones you cant and having a dog is lots of resembled so ask your mom and dad if you are under 18.

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What people food can dogs eat?

A dog's regular diet should be dog food. See the related question below about dog foods vs people foods for dogs for information on why feeding people food to dogs is not a go

What kinds of people food can dogs eat?

In general, it's best to feed dog food to dogs. Dogs have different dietary needs than people, and so a high quality dog food is best.    Dogs can eat most things peopl

When can your dog eat adult dog food?

when it is an adult   A puppy can typically begin eating solid food by eight weeks of age. If you are feeding a high quality dog food with plenty of protein and fat it will

How can you get your dog to eat dog food?

You can go to PetSmart and buy a doggy gravy to put on the dog food. Or when you cook meat you can drizzle a little grease on the dog food and stir it. It can thicken up your

How can you get your dog to eat dry dog food?

Mix in some yogurt, ham or left overs. When one of my dogs stopped eating his dry food, I started adding a little water or chicken broth to it and microwaving it for 20 secon

What dog food do dogs eat?

Dogs eat food made for dogs, usually in a dry or wet form. There are many brands of dog food on the market, ranging from very low quality to premium quality. The better dog fo

How do you get your dog to eat dog food?

Stop feeding the dog table food. Sooner or later the dog will eat the food you place in from of him/her; Even dog food. Also make sure your dog likes the food, first of all.

Your dog will not eat his dog food?

I would try a few things to get your dog to eat his food.Only feed him at designated times. Do not leave the food out all the time. This will create a sense of urgency to eat

What do you do to get your dog to eat dog food my dog will eat anything but dog food what do i do?

Well try putting hot water on it or you can always mix it in with wet dog food. Or you could even try a different flavor or type of dog food. Good luck!! Try feeding your do

What if your dog eats cat food?

It is advisable to feed the dog food specially designed for that species. Cat food usually has far more protein and extra nutrients than dog food, and it can be very addictive

What can dogs eat that people can eat?

Melons Sunflower seeds (shelled) Peanut butter Berries (fresh and frozen) Cooked chicken Cheese Bananas Apple slices Baby carrots Green beans Also, FDA say

What dry dog food will dogs eat?

They will eat any of them - once they're hungry enough. However, one helpful thing is that after they have condescended to eat a certain dry dog food, they rapidly come to thi

What did dogs eat before dog food?

Vegitation Wrong. Wild dogs eat meat, they are carnivores. Humans took in dogs by giving them scraps when they hung around, later left overs and as time went about and dogs

What does dogs eat like dog food?

Both dry food, and canned food. There are different brands however for the both of them. Dry Food & Canned Food Brands: 1)Beneful 2)Iams 3)Pedigree 4)Purina ***Just note