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Can permanent residents enter the Canadian army?

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No. You must be an actual citizen of Canada.
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What are the visa requirements for a Canadian permanent resident to visit Mexico?

According to the Mexican Embassy in Canada website, landed immigrants of Canada do not require a visa. Ref. http://www.sre.gob.mx/canadaingles/ "The Embassy of Mexico in Canad

Canadian resident needs a visa to enter the US?

yes, a Canadian resident or landed immigrant needs a visa to travel to the usa; you do not need a us visa if your country of origin is part of the waiver treaty, and if so you

For how long can a Canadian Permanent Resident stay in Fiji?

A permanent resident of any other country whose still carrying a Fiji Passport can enter Fiji and stay in Fiji for as long as they want since "it" is still a Fijian citizen.

What countries can canadian permanent resident card holders go without a visa?

Outside Canada \n. Foreign government authorities may require the production of a PR Card in some circumstances: \n . Canadian permanent residents require a PR Card, unless

How long can you stay in Turkey with Canadian Permanent Residency?

If you are using the term "Canadian Permanent Residency" to mean that you hold a Canadian passport, you will be required to buy an entry permit on the Turkish border for €15

Can a Canadian citizen who is a permanent resident in the US get a enhanced license?

It all depends in which State or Province you officially reside. In order to get an Enhanced Driver's Licence, you must be permanently residing in one of the Canadian Province