Can soft water exist naturally?

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Yes. Many homes have their own water well/water pump. It sometimes can depend on the depth of the well, or simply the location of where the water well is drilled. The softness of water can vary from house, even in the same neighborhood. Some drill sites have a lot of iron and rust in the water, while others in the same area have good, clear, soft water. But there are many good water softeners that work extremely well to remove the iron and minerals if you have hard water.
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Water cycle exists in nature which replenishes water on earth. why do you still suffer from scarcity of water?

Answer . Over population . Building too quickly and taking too many trees away . Weather changes . Not caring for our forests . Heat can evaporate water . People waste

What is soft water?

\nSoft Water is water that has had all the ions such as sodium and calcium and magnesium, lead and copper removed from it due to filtration and sedementation process. (also th

When is the water soft?

when all or most of the ca2+ ions in the water have been replaced by na1+ ions meaning when soap foams in water. After removing hardness producing ions, the water may be sof

Is bottled water soft water?

Bottled water is not necessarily soft water. Much of the bottled water sold in stores is plain tap water, some is from springs containing various minerals in solution, and som

Can soft water be too soft?

Yes, we shouldreally separate soft water from soften water, soft water is anaturally occurring thing where the hardness never got into thewater similar to rain water, soften w

How do you do soft water from hard water?

Water is a universal solvent and there are two types of water i.e hard water and soft water. Soft water is the water that easily lather with soap while hard water does not lat

Does pure water exist naturally?

Water that is in the form of clouds is relatively pure, although it does contain some dissolved pollutants from the air. Probably the purest you could find is old glacial ice

What type of water is soft water?

Water is a universal solvent and there are two types of water i.e hard water and soft water. Soft water is the water that easily lather with soap.

What does soft water do?

Soft water leaves very little mineral residue on plumbing fixtures and surfaces. . Soft water deposits less scale and sediment in water heaters. . Soft water requires less

How does soft water make skin soft?

My opinion is thatthe soft water gives you an incomplete rinse of the soap and thatthe soft sodium in the soft water reacts with the lanolin on theskin and actually produces k
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How can one get natural soft skin?

One can get natural soft skin by exfoliating. Although, others use home remedies. Home remedies are the most helpful which can be found in your own homes.