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Can taking gabapentin cause a gout flare?

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I didn't see gout as a side effect of gabapentin. But there are a lot of side effects of this drug, and I mean a lot of them. See the link below for a list of side effects of this drug.
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Can you take cephalexin with gabapentin?

I would say yes, i have had 4 toes amputated off of my right foot due to a workplace crush injury, i take 900 mgs of gabapentin (3 tablets) in a day along with Cephalexin and

Can gabapentin cause addiction?

No. Gabapentin is not considered addictive, however there is a chance to develop a physical dependence on the drug.

Can I take Levothyroxine and gabapentin together?

Levothyroxine is a thyroid replacement medication. Gabapentin is used as an anti-seizure medication, also for migraines, also for neuropathy and other pain disorders, also a

Can you take gabapentin?

with fluxicillin

What happens if you take Gabapentin with hydrocodone?

Mixing Gabapentin and hydrocodone is not recommended as it will  increase the side effects common to both drugs. Drowsiness,  dizziness and difficulty concentrating may beco

Does gabapentin cause nightmares?

Maybe. Ever since my Doctor prescribed a higher dosage, I've been troubled by some serious disturbing dreams and nightmares.

OK to eat spaghetti with gout flare up?

Pasta is a low purine food which is what you want if you are having trouble with gout, However what you have with the spaghetti should also be kept in mind For example vegetab

Does gabapentin cause you to gain weight?

Yes..Gabapentin can cause weight gain.It causes me to eat more often and crave for sweets.

Can gabapentin cause drowsiness?

Yes it can. I have experienced severe drowsiness from Gabapentin and even worse from Lyrica which are, according to my doctor, in the same drug family.

What are causes of gout?

  Gout is the direct result of excess uric acid in the blood. when the liver is unable to remove enough of it , uric acid forms sharp pointy crystals that settle usually i

Can you take tramadol and gabapentin together?

I take it now and the side effects is it makes you unusually tired about 2.5 hours into the dosage. If you are sitting down at a desk or other stationary place you are assured

What is a gout flare?

A gout flare is when people that are prone to Gout suddenly suffer the symptoms of the disease. For example inflammation of joints. especial peripheral joints such as the fing
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What is the cause of gout?

Gout is a metabolic disease and tends to run in families. Primary gout is caused by overproduction or under excretion of uric acids. Secondary gout can result from acquired ca

What causes you to get gout?

Gout is the result of exes uric acid int the blood stream. this material is metabolized from purines that come with the nuclei of living cells. These cells can come from both

Can you take gabapentin and Prednisone?

yes i was taking gabapentin and then i got a bad allergic reaction and went to the hospital they gave me predisone so it is ok

Does gabapentin cause hair loss?

I have been on gabapentin. I have had night sweats and hair breakage and loss. Hair loss is a problem. I am using acupuncture to ween off of 1800 mg per day. I am down to 300