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Can taking gabapentin cause a gout flare?

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I didn't see gout as a side effect of gabapentin. But there are a lot of side effects of this drug, and I mean a lot of them. See the link below for a list of side effects of this drug.
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Will muscle milk or whey protein cause a gout flare up?

Gout is caused when the body breaks down purines into "uric acid". When the uric acid is in high enough concentrations it crystallizes in joints or your kidneys. Uric acid cry

What is the cause of gout?

Gout is a metabolic disease and tends to run in families. Primary gout is caused by overproduction or under excretion of uric acids. Secondary gout can result from acquired ca

What causes you to get gout?

Gout is the result of exes uric acid int the blood stream. this material is metabolized from purines that come with the nuclei of living cells. These cells can come from both

What are causes of gout?

  Gout is the direct result of excess uric acid in the blood. when the liver is unable to remove enough of it , uric acid forms sharp pointy crystals that settle usually i

What is a gout flare?

A gout flare is when people that are prone to Gout suddenly suffer the symptoms of the disease. For example inflammation of joints. especial peripheral joints such as the fing

Will taking gabapentin cause you to have shingles?

Gabapentin is a medication that treats pain caused by shingles. Shingles is the reason you have been prescribed the medication.