Can the moon fit in a black hole?

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heck ya the biggest one is large enough to swallow the one beside it
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How many black holes can fit in the sun?

It depends. First, we need to figure how to measure the size of ablack hole. For these purposes we will use the size event horizon.The problem is that size varies with the mas

Do black holes have any moons?

Although the gravitational pull near a black hole is so great that not even light can escape, the gravitational force scales with distance, so it is entirely possible that bla

Can the moon become a black hole?

No. The moon cannot become a black hole. A black hole is formed when a star 1 collapses in on itself. But not all collapsed stars become black holes either, in fact, only a s

Could you see a black hole if you were on the moon?

No. The gravitational field of a black hole is so great that electromagnetic radiation in the visible spectrum does not escape from them. Therefore, you couldn't directly see

Does the black hole have any moons?

No - Since all matter in the galaxy revolves about the black hole, there is no individual satellite (or moon) for which the black hole is primary. Note: A natural satellite

Can black holes fit in a HR diagram?

One might quickly conclude that black holes don't belong on HRdiagrams since the latter is designed for stars, and black holesgenerally aren't considered stars. Further, given