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Can the space station or space shuttle launch space probes?

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Yes It Can
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When did the first space shuttle launch into space?

The maiden flight of the first space shuttle, Columbia, was on April 12, 1981.   (On February 1, 2003, following its 28th space flight, Columbia was destroyed during reentr

How does a space shuttle launch into outer space?

  The space shuttle is launched into Outer Space by having it attached to the rocket that launches up as well as the space shuttle and gradually the rocket falls apart and

How is a space probe launched into space?

This might not be completely accurate but I'm positive this is the general idea. A space probe is launched from a rocket. When the rocket reaches a certain distance into space

Is the space shuttle a space probe or a satellite?

A space probe is an unmanned spacecraft designed to explore the solar system and transmit data back to earth.  A satellite is an object that orbits around a planet. By these

Why space shuttle launching stations like Sriharikota?

There are various reasons 1) Close to the equator which adds boost to rocket to launch. 2) very good geographical corridor to launch satellite(launch corridor). 3)It is towar

Why aren't space shuttles a space probe?

A space probe is an unmanned device that is sent into space for  purposes of exploration. The space shuttle is a manned vehicle  meant for research and delivering supplies,

The Space Station is different than a space shuttle and a space probe but how?

The International Space Station was assembled in space and is  designed to stay there. It is meant as a place of research and as a  place for astronauts to stay in space. A

What are the roles of space shuttles and space stations and what features do space probes have in common?

NASA has used space shuttles to perform many important tasks. These  include taking satellites into orbit, repairing damaged satellites,  and carrying astronauts and equipme