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Can the sun get sucked in a black hole?

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The Sun could - if a black hole stayed too close to the Sun.

However, the Sun will not be sucked. The closest black hole is about 1,600 light years away.
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Will Earth be sucked into a black hole?

It cannot be known if the earth will ever be destroyed by a blackhole. Certainly our sun could never become one as it does not have sufficient mass. Since the sun is a star.

Why would the earth not be sucked into the sun if it became a black hole?

If the sun became a black hole without increasing its mass, earth would continue to orbit the black hole just as it orbits the sun. The problem is that the black hole would no

How long would it take for a black hole to suck up the sun?

I can't tell you the exact time, but it would probably be somewhat quick. The sun is made up litterally of flames and gas. All the black hole would have to do is pull the flam

Can the sun get sucked into a black hole?

Sure it can be sucked into a black hole - if it gets near enough. But that is not very likely to happen, anytime soon.  yes,blackhole can suck up the sun.However eventually

Can black hole suck the sun?

Sure, if it gets close enough, it might. By the way, any other object of sufficient mass could also "suck" the Sun if it gets close enough.\n Sure, if it gets close enough, i

Does a black hole suck?

A black hole doesn't "suck" things in. It pulls them in with it's immense gravity. In order to suck something in, there must be something to fill in empty space such as air.

What will happen when the sun gets sucked by the black hole?

The black hole will get more massive. Some energy will be radiatedaway. If you'd like more details, please rephrase your question in a morespecific fashion. The Sun is in no