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Can they make a hearing device or a new kind of ear or something that allows you to switch from being able to hear above or below whatever frequencies you can hear already?

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I don't know the principle of operation, but years ago in "Popular Electronics" magazine, there was a construction article for a device that would allow you to hear super-sonic sounds like dog whistles, the sounds that insects make, etc. I think it mixed and shifted frequencies kinda like a super-heterodyne radio receiver does with RF. Like you, I'd like to have such a device. On the other hand, if a device picked up sub-sonic sounds, it would probably just pick up those "boom trucks" that all the young people drive, and in my opinion we can already hear those things from far enough away (about a mile).  Supporting ideaIndustry uses this equipment. A link is provided, but only as an example of the stuff being considered. No opinion, pro or con, is stated or implied. It's just a window to look through. Note: the stuff is kinda pricey for non-professional acquisition. Hit the www and see what else is out there.
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What is the lower frequency a human ear can hear?

  The average human ear can discern tones down to about 20Hz (cycles per second). The lowest that humans can normally hear is in the 20 Hertz range (20 cycles/sec). 20HZ

Do a List of hearing frequency of animals?

Species | Approximate Range (Hz) / human | 64-23,000 / dog | 67-45,000 / cat | 45-64,000 / cow | 23-35,000 / horse | 55-33,500 / sheep | 100-30,000 / rabb

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What is the highest frequency humans can hear?

"Ear". Microsoft Encarta Encyclopedia. CD-ROM. 2000. | "The maximum range of human hearing includes sound frequencies from about 15 to about 18,000 waves, or cycles, per secon

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What does the hearing aid do that makes you hear?

New technologies have allowed for hearing aids to really improve for the patient! In the past, the hearing aid was solely in the hard-of-hearing ear and mainly consisted of am
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hearing is something you have a ear drum in your ear witch every time you hear something