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Can tomato paste be substituted for tomato?

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Yes, depending on the dish. If you are making lasagne for example, you can substitute with just tomato paste. You might want to add more onion and herbs for flavour.
If you were going to substitute paste for tomatoes that are displayed on the dish, then I'd make something else !
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How many calories does tomato paste have?

100g of tomato paste contains 74kcal. It is very rich in vitamin C and A aswell as Potassium. There is also a special ingredient called lycopene in tomatoes which has been cla

Can you substitute ketchup for tomato puree?

That depends on what you're putting it in. Ketchup has spices in it, tomato puree does not. So, whatever you're making would taste like ketchup, as opposed to tomato. If you d

How do you make tomato sauce out of tomato paste?

I do this all the time and I put the paste in a pan, add water or wine, stir it until I get the right thickness, keep adding the water/wine until it is right, add any spices I

How do you turn tomato paste into tomato sauce?

Adding some water or vegetable oil to a pot of tomato paste and stirring over very low heat for a few minutes is the best way to make tomato sauce out of tomato paste. Adding

Which is sweeter... tomato sauce or paste?

tomato sauce after tasting it from three separate companies and doing the same with tomato paste i found out it was tomato sauce

Can you substitute stewed tomatoes for crushed tomatoes?

      Yes you can, however the taste will change from the original intent as crushed tomatoes do not contain the spices/herbs normally included in a can of stewed

What to substitute for tomato puree?

  Blanch then peel, seed and crush three times the required volume of fresh tomatoes. Simmer gently for 6-8 hours to reduce volume to 1/3, or required consistency then sea

Can you substitute tomato sauce for tomato paste?

It is possible, but such a substitution is not always a great idea as tomato paste has a much more concentrated, stronger flavor and has less moisture. So the recipe with the
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Is tomato paste a mixture or compound?

Tomato paste is a compound because it cannot be separated by any physical means.. If it is heated, it will decompose. Just think of it as a cake - a product made from differ