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Can two people with autism have a child with autism?

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Yes. In fact, it is much more likely, because autism is genetic. My parents are both autistic; they had three daughters, and two of the three of us are autistic.
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What can you do when you have autism?

When you have Aspergers you are not stupid! People with autism have certain specific interests like art, history, or maths. When you're Autistic you are unaware of people laug

Does Tony Braxton have a child with autism?

Indeed, Toni Braxton and her husband, Keri Lewis, are the parents of a child with autism. Diesel is their youngest son, and he was diagnosed with autism at three years of age.

Who has autism?

Amanda Baggs, advocate of rights for autistic peopleMarty Balin, singer and songwriter with Jefferson Airplane and Jefferson StarshipLucy Blackman, university educated authorA

What does autism do to people?

It creates social problems and makes things difficult at times but it's not really that bad.. at least not to me (Has Autism) Well, It's really difficult for some people with

What is autism?

Autism (sometimes called "classical autism") is the most common condition in a group of pervasive developmental disorders (PDDs), also known as the autism spectrum disorders

Do people with autism know they have autism?

Presumably, when they are diagnosed they are told. It also depends on how severe the autism is. If it is a mild case, just to do with socialising, they know and usually unders

How do people get autism?

A person who has autism, is born with the disorder.but it is probably passed down from the parents,meaning that the parents have it and when the child was born it had it. i am

Do you have autism?

Yes i do have autism   I'm on the spectrumI have very mild Asperger's syndrome. Why are you asking a general "you" this question? mys sister has autism and dispratsia and

What is the difference between a child with autism and a child without autism?

A child with autism will not be able to communicate the same way, he may also 'stim' which can be vocal *just noise* to movement stims *arm flapping is a pretty common one, as

What you get from autism?

How horrible the answers below...my son with autism is far from lonely. I have never met a happier child and he is extremely bright. You cannot classify "what you get from aut
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What does autism do?

l   Autism is a neurological disorder that causes an individual to be  affected in many different ways. How it impacts someone is just as  different as one person is to
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Do others with autism like people with autism?

Anything is possible and does not have to be that way. That is just saying if one person likes another; it doesn't matter if two people have similar conditions. They are both
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When can you get autism?

Autism is caused by certain genes and by damage to those genes by environmental factors e.g. exposure to chemicals, allergies, immunizations, and drugs in utero. Just as each

Can a child get rid off autism?

  there is no real cure for Autism. the only thing that can help stop the process of autism from getting worse is to have the affected child be in Programs that will help

What is autism-?

The definition for the word autism is "a mental condition, present  from early childhood, characterized by difficulty in communicating  and forming relationships with other