Can you Google to see satellite views of the earth?

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Yes, you certainly can. You can either do this through their earth or maps services. Depending on the area you wish to view, you will have access to satellite images of varying qualities.
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How do you see a view from google earth?

Google Earth is a virtual globe, map and geographicalinformation program that was originally called EarthViewer 3Dcreated by Keyhole, Inc, a Central Intelligence Agency (CIA)

What altitude is Google Earth satellite?

Google does *not* operate its own satellites, but thesatellites that provide imagery to Google include GeoEye-1,QuickBird, WorldView-1, WorldView-2, and others. GeoEye-1 or

Is Google earth street view taken from a satellite?

No these were taken by people with a digital camera. ------------------------------------------------------------------ The views are made by the camera being driven down

How do you get Google earth- panoramic view?

Street View, google's high-res panoramic view, can be enabled in Google Earth v6 by dragging the orange "pegman" icon (found near the navigation controls) onto the map.

How do you see the street side view on Google Earth?

1. You can zoom in really close. 2. There should be a man icon (onthe left of screen I think). Drag him onto the map wherever youwant. Addtionally . StreetSide in parti

How do you get a 3d view on Google Earth?

Google Earth has a 3D buildings layer (including 3-D trees as of Google Earth v6.0) that you can turn on in the Layers panel. If for example you visit Mt. Everest and terrain

How do you see the satellites around earth on Google earth?

There are some satellite feeds to see where various satellites as well as space debris large enough to observe and track from earth. USSTRATCOM, for example, tracks and pub

How do you view pictures in Google Earth?

In Google Earth there is a Photos layer (includes Panoramio and 360 Cities) which if checked will show photos in the selected view. Click the square "photo" icon on map to see

How do you email a view in Google Earth?

Open File menu in Google Earth and select "Email" with two options: 1) Email view and 2) Email image. Select Email view to e-mail a KMZ file of the view which will lauch in

Where is Google Earth view menu?

The main menu in Google Earth is located along the top of the mainwindow with the sub-menus labeled: File, Edit, View, Tools,Add, and Help . View menu is the third option