Can you Name a wading bird beginning with l?

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a loon
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What birds names begin with the letter L?

Laos Alexandrine Parakeets (Psittacula) Lapwings Larks Leadbeater's Cockatoos Leafbirds (see also "Fairy-Bluebirds") Lesser Bronze Winged Parrots (Pionus) Lesser Comoro Vasa

Name of pink legged wading bird?

That depends if you mean a wader or a bird that wades.. A bird that wades - flamingo. Waders - crowned plover and lots of others

What Birds names begins with the letter L?

· Lark · Least Grebe · Lesser Frigatebird · Little Bittern · Little Egret · Little Grebe · Little Kiwi · Little Penguin · Loon