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Can you be pregnant and have a bowel movement?

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Hmm yes you can be pregnant and have a bowel movement but if you really wanted to ask if you can have a bowel movement while giving birth that answer is yes as well.
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What is a bowel movement?

A bowel movement is the actions of the terminal colon and rectum that help to push the stool out when you defecate. It consists of four steps: - First there are constriction

Is it normal to bleed when pregnant when you have bowel movements?

I can disagree a little with this first answer... A lot of theses answers are provided by young girls that may have experienced none or one of the symptoms and have answered w

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Why do you have bowel movements?

It's the normal bodily function for your body to void or excrete your digested (and undigested) foodstuffs.

What is bowel movement?

That is when you defecate or "poop." It is when you move "solid"waste out of your body.

Why do you have a bowel movement?

To eliminate solid wastes from the body. Those who cannot perform this essential bodily function end up dying rather painfully.

Is it normal to spot brown at 5 weeks pregnant after a bowel movement or urination?

  I actually asked this question, but having gone to my dr. worried sick the next day I was happy to find out this was just implantation spotting. I was SOOO worried, as y

You are 37 weeks pregnant and having green bowel movements that you have not had before what does that mean?

  Grape Kool-Aide causes green bowel movements. If you haven't been quashing your cravings by eating purple things it could be something as simple as change of diet. If yo

Is it normal to have vaginal bleeding after a bowel movement when you are 11 weeks pregnant?

I don't know about it being normal. It's better not to strain. Iv'e heard of it caused by two reasons both the baby should be fine. One reason I heard is that from straining