Can you burn wood in your model hb42a fireplace?

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Is willow a good wood to burn in a fireplace?

Answer . Though willow is considered a hardwood, it doesn't burn as wellas some other hardwoods that burn well in fireplaces, such asapple, beech, eucalyptus, hickory, maple, oak, and more. Additional response - It depends upon what you mean by good. Seasoned (dried) Willow willburn just fine in your fireplace. It has about half of the energyper volume that a harder wood like Oak, Beech, and Hickory have. Soyou will have to burn almost twice as much Willow to provide thesame heat as the harder woods. But if it is properly seasoned, itwill burn nicely, not smoke, and not risk excess creosote buildup. There will also be more ash to clean up, but, at the end of theday, if you have seasoned Willow available to burn, burn it.

Is it safe to burn wood with varnish in a fireplace?

NO! Thats Highly dangerous as varnished, painted, and green treatedwoods release terrible toxins as they burn. Residue from treatedwood sticks to the chiminey liner, if enough is burned, a liquidform of the residue will acumulate and run down the chimney liner. Never burn painted, stained, or treated wood or manufactured woodsuch as plywood and particle board. Chemicals in 'salt treated'wood, paint, or stains can produce toxic fumes when burned.Likewise, burning manufactured wood products produces toxins andcarcinogens.

Can you burn olive wood in the fireplace?

Answer . Yes. And it gives off a lovely smell, too.. Answer . Olive wood is a very hard, condensed wood. It is very hard to catch alight, but once it burns, it does so for a long time and gives off a lot of heat.

Is rhododendron a good wood to burn in a fireplace?

ANSWER: Live rhodendron contains gryanotoxin, which is poisonous if ingested. When burned the gryanotoxin is destroyed at temperatures of 300 degres and above, and no evidence of toxicity has been found in the smoke or coals of the rhododendron plant. It is a hard long-burning wood and can be used safely. However, inhalation of any smoke from a fire can have harmful health effects and should generally be avoided. When burning wood in a fireplace always be sure to have a proper draft; no smoke or vapors from the burning wood should be entering the living area.

Can you burn Bradford Pear wood in the fireplace?

Yes! you can burn any wood, if you are burning for supplementary heat anyway. If wood is your only heat source, i would suggest oak, locust, or hickory. they are the best. easy to split and produce a lot of heat and last a while. cherry is a good one too. Bradford pear is decent wood. i rank it as about as good as maple or gum, which is fairly decent. definitely beats poplar. anyway don't burn pine, the creosote will clog your chimney. but heck yea burn the Bradford pear and get something out of it. they break so easily.

What are good woods to burn in a fireplace?

Softwoods, such as pine and fir will light easily, but burn quickly. Seasoned hardwood (cut, split, and allowed to dry for 6-12 months) will give you the longest lasting fires- Ash, Hickory, Oak, Beech, and Locust are among the best. Do not burn scrap treated lumber- the chemicals used to make it resist bugs and fungi are not good for you.

Is sycamore a good wood to burn in fireplaces?

no because its expensive it does however burn well and has a higher calorific value than most conifers

Is it safe to burn Mulberry wood in fireplace?

I have mulberry tree in my back yard. YES it's safe to burn in fireplace. i even smoke briskets, ribs, bbq all kinds of meat with it. (IT'S SAFE) (: im living proof.. I have mulberry tree in my back yard. YES it's safe to burn in fireplace. i even smoke briskets, ribs, bbq all kinds of meat with it. (IT'S SAFE) (: im living proof.

Is Ash a good wood to burn in a fireplace?

Ash is excellent source of firewood. The best thing about it is you dont have to season it. Just split and burn. Always season your wood before burning, even Ash. Wet wood reduces the temperature of the primary burn (and hence the heat produced) and the rising steam can extinguish the secondary burn above it.

Can you burn apple wood in a fireplace?

Yes, you can burn apple wood in a fireplace. It generates verylittle smoke and hotter than normal firewood. It is a good heatoutput with a small visible flame and ideal for wood-fire. It is asafely and efficiently burned in fireplace.

Is pine a good wood to burn in your fireplace?

Pine burns faster than hard wood, and leaves almost no coals so it's less heat efficient. Pine creates more sparks than hard wood so a good fireplace screen is essential and be aware that more sparks may ignite kreasote build-up in your chimney. On the plus side, cured pine usually has a brighter flame than hard wood and is prettier in your fire. Also pine is more likely to create the crackling fire sound that people enjoy. Probably your best bet is to use two pieces of hard wood and one piece of pine, and be aware that you will probably want to add one or two additional pine pieces before the hard wood burns away.

Can you burn pressure treated wood in the fireplace?

Do not burn pressure-treated wood . Wood treated with water-borne preservatives must not be burned because combustion breaks the unique bond formed between the preservative solution and the wood. When this bond is destroyed, the components of the preservative can be released in the form of ash and particulates, which can be harmful if inhaled. It is completely proper and legal to send treated wood to a landfill.

Is butternut wood good to burn in a fireplace?

Butternut is one of the low heating energy fuels and needs to be seasoned well due to high moisture content. But it is hardwood and the heating energy is not that different that you will notice it significantly.

Can you burn oak wood in the fireplace?

Oak is a dense wood that burns nicely and puts off lots of heat. It should be dry (generally 1 year) after cutting and not green (freshly cut). Be aware that if oak wilt was the reason the try was cut, it can spread by even having the wood on your property. Burning the wood supposedly is Ok, but it is while storing the cut wood that the spores from the oak wilt disease will spread to other oak trees.

Is lilac a good wood for burning in a fireplace?

I've burnt lilac. It's a very hard and very dense wood that burns well and very slowly but needs to be well seasoned. As it usually comes from a small tree, the diameter should be relatively small so it shouldn't take an age to dry out. The stuff I burnt had been drying for several years, so how long it takes before you can burn it I couldn't actually say but I'd guess 6 - 9 months.

Is sycamore good wood to burn in a fireplace?

Sycamore is Non-Toxic ,and a Hardwood. Let it dry out 6 months or more,and you should be OK Sycamore burns OK when seasoned for 6 months but is an absolute pig to split. They used to make wooden chisel handles from sycamore. Why? Because it doesn't split when you hit it with a hammer.

Is eucalyptus a good wood to burn in the fireplace?

Yes, eucalyptus burns hot and slow, so it's good for fireplaces and wood stoves. e. Eucalyptus is slow to catch, though, so it's not a good starter wood. But if you put it on a started fire, it'll burn for a long time.

Can a wood burning stove be change to a wood burning fireplace?

Yes wood burning stove is an excellent way to heat our home and itis a good alternative of wood fireplaces. Wood burning stove ismore efficient than fireplace at heating a room or home with thesame amount of wood. The installation cost of wood burning stove ischeaper than open fireplaces. With wood stove you can reduce therisks of injuries.

What is the best wood to burn in a fireplace?

Hard and dryed woods like oak. Soft woods like pine can coat the insides of your chiminy and can cause a fire. Very important to let your wood dry for at least a year after cutting down a tree for this reason.

Can you burn wood from a orange tree in a fireplace?

There is probably no reason against it. Orange wood burns very well, it burns quite quickly therefore gives more rapid heat.

Can you burn wood in a gas fireplace?

This question really can't be answered in a cut and dry fashion, because it truly depends on the specific fireplace, and chimny/stove pipe setup you're dealing with. It is possible that a gas fireplace could be, or could have been built that would allow for safe wood burning, but without knowing the specifics, to be on the safe side, I'd say No. Put simply, I wouldn't recomend it, as it may very well result in a house fire. Someone elses answer: A true gas fireplace does not accept wood. It generally has a closed front and artificial logs or bricks to spread the heat. Some wood-burning fireplaces have a gas assist. Propane or natural gas is used to get the fire started and help smoke exhaust up the chimney. This is highly useful for those who don't have easy access to kindling wood, or for whom are art of building a fire in a fireplace is daunting, or for firewood that is damp. This is the only type of gas fireplace you can put wood into.

How do you convert a coal fireplace to a wood burning fireplace?

remove burnt coal, replace with seasoned firewood The above will not work! If you've ever seen a coal fireplace you would realize it is MUCH smaller than a wood burning fireplace. It would require major changes, probably not possible. A normal fireplace will burn either coal or wood or a mixture of both. If the size of the logs is controlled then their is no need to adapt the hearth.

Can arborvitae wood be burned in a fireplace?

yes, the oils in the wood make it burn very quickly, the wood will not last long, and you should be sure to clean your chimney regularly, but the wood burns quite well

Is Honeysuckle a good wood to burn in a fireplace?

I have a large honeysuckle that I cut down with some limbs 3-4 inches in diameter. The small sticks work well as kindling and the bigger pieces burn nice, I would guess about half as well heat wise as white oak. It works well in a pinch. As it is a fast grower, I may plant some for a quick source.

Is it safe to burn stained wood in a fireplace?

NO The chemicals in the stain and shellac will create creosote witch will build up on the inner flue and cause a chimney fire.

Is Magnolia Wood Safe to burn in fireplace?

Yes. Has a high moisture content, and needs drying. Not the best in the world, but can be burned.

Can you burn Sugargum wood in a fireplace?

Various gum trees make for fairly decent fireword. Not as good as oak or hickory, but better than cottonwood pine or fir. Many species of gum are a pain to split, but once split burn OK.

Is pine good wood to burn in a fireplace?

Pine will make great kindling- to light the fire. However, it will burn very quickly, produce few coals for long lasting heat, and produces a lot of creosote that will need to be cleaned from your chimney. It would be a good idea to keep a little dry pine for kindling, but find a good hardwood such as oak, ash, or hickory for your main fuel wood.

When wood burns in a fireplace mass is lost?

No, mass is an innate property of matter, and matter can not be destroyed in a chemical reaction. Although after the fire the remains (ashes) weigh less than the original wood, the fire has also produced CO2, Carbon (soot/smoke) and H2O as gases and this is where the mass that was once part of the wood has gone.

Can you burn holly tree wood in a fireplace?

Yes. Not the best in the world, but if you have it, you can use it.

Is there a list of woods to burn in a fireplace?

There are a number of websites that offer information on the best wood for heating. Generally, hardwoods such as Ash, Oak, and Hickory will be the very best. Softwoods such as pine and fir will have low heat values, burn up quickly, and produce a lot of creosote (but makes good kindling) There are a few toxic woods I would NOT burn, including poison oak, sumac, and treated lumber scrap. Treated lumber (may be called CCA, Tanalised, salt treated, or "green wood") is treated with heavy metals to keep bugs and fungus from destroying it.

Can you burn wood in fireplace in California?

Due to air quality problems, there will be AREAS with CA where it is not permitted- and some areas where you cannot get a building permit to install one.

How do you convert a gas fireplace into a wood burning fireplace?

first off you need to turn off the gas then, cap the gas line then remove the gas line and the vent pipes up in the chimney, then remove the insert or gas log, then install damper doors, put on a suitable door to the fireplace, and put a basket in the fireplace to hold the wood The above paragraph assumes that the fireplace was originally a wood burning fireplace that was retrofit to accommodate a gas fireplace insert and in that circumstance the information is accurate. However, if the fireplace was originally designed as a gas appliance it cannot be converted to solid fuel ( wood ).

Is cedar wood ok to burn in a fireplace?

yes, its got high BTU because its a soft wood. But... dont waste it because wood is become more precious as the world gets more populated.

Is locust a good wood to burn in a fireplace?

It is a GREAT wood for wood stoves, with heat values similar to anthracite coal. However, it has a tendency to "spit" burning coals a good distance. Be sure to use a screen, be careful of health issues some folks have with bark. (skin contact)

Can you burn stained wood in a fireplace?

ya but the chemicals used in the staining process are toxic and flammable, so you might burn down your house, but you will be warm

How do you keep my wood burning in a gas fireplace?

Gas fireplaces are not intended to burn wood. A gas ASSISTED fireplace can burn either gas or wood. ONLY if that is the type you have should you try to burn wood. Be sure damper to the flue is open, and that wood is dry,

How hot does a wood burning fireplace burn wood?

At the same temperature as a stove or a campfire. The heat that is produced by wood burning is not dependent on in what it is burned. The question is how well that device heats the room in which it is located.

How do you remove a wood burning fireplace?

Use metal prongs for a fire place because if you get normal ones they will burn.

Can you burn wild locust wood in fireplace?

Seasoned locust is one of the best firewoods known. The heat value of seasoned black locust is close to the heat value of anthracite coal.

Is cherry wood safe to burn in your fireplace?

Any kind of wood is safe to burn in your fireplace as long as its dried to approx 18% moisture content, and does not contain any man made chemicals like pressure treated wood. Lumber should also be avoided for anything other then a firestarter because its dried to 5% and can over fire and damage some stoves and fireplaces. Number one rule, is avoiding green wood (green wood being freshly cut wood or wood with a high moisture content) in any appliance. Other then that any wood, including pine, is safe to burn. Its a myth that pine contains more creosote, the reason its less desirable then other hardwoods is that its less dense, therfore contains less btu's then similar sizes of hardwood. Pine cones (dried) can also be used and they give a nice pine fragrance when being burnt.

Is spruce good wood to burn in a fireplace?

Spruce will make great kindling- to light the fire. However, it will burn very quickly, produce few coals for long lasting heat, and produces a lot of creosote that will need to be cleaned from your chimney. It would be a good idea to keep a little dry spruce for kindling, but find a good hardwood such as oak, ash, or hickory for your main fuel wood

Can martin a42 fireplace burn wood?

Check with Martin for an owner's manual. Unless a fireplace is specifically rated as multi-fuel, a gas fireplace cannot safely burn wood.

What is a good slow burning wood for fireplaces?

Oak, ash, black locust, osage orange. Hickory is good but pops a lot. Poplar, cottonwood and any evergreen will burn VERY fast.

Can you burn wood in your fireplace in southern California?

I would have to go out on a limb and say because of the pollutant it would put in the air. Hence the smog law out there

Can wood from a cabbage tree be burned in a fireplace?

There are several unrelated trees commonly called "cabbage trees";you'll need to be more specific as to which one you mean.

Can you burn ficus wood in a home fireplace?

Yes it just does not burn well because its a rubbery plant, the denser the fire wood the better for fires generally

Where can inserts for a wood burning fireplace be purchased?

Inserts for a wood burning fireplace can be purchased at many gas stations, hypermarkets, large discount department stores and even at some grocery stores as well. Walmart is an example of a store where such inserts can be purchased.

What are the benefits of a wood burning fireplace versus a gas fireplace?

Some of the benefits of a wood burning fireplace include the lower cost of heating a home versus the cost of gas. Wood is also considered a renewable resource so it could be argued is better for the environment than the fossil fuel of gas.

How can you find a fireplaces that allow wood burning?

If one would prefer not to go to the expense of having a mason build a brick fireplace, it is possible to purchase a wood burning fireplace and have it professionally installed. There are fireplace stores such as Woodland Direct and Napoleon Fireplaces sell them, as do home improvement stores like Home Depot.