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Can you buy a dryer power cord longer than 6 feet if you cannot install the stacked washer and dryer with the standard 6 foot cord?

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A longer cord may not allow the dryer to work to its full potential (ie longer to dry clothes) because of the voltage and current drops. Better to have the outlet moved.

You can purchase a Petra 90-1028 3-wire dryer cord, 10 foot 30amp that should work okay.
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Is it safe to create a 240V dryer power cord from parts if you need one longer than the standard 6' length available in stores?

 Answer   Yes this is safe. But you need to purchase the right parts to make this work. I would recommend talking with the electrical department at Home Depot or Mena

Dryer cord 3 wire?

  Two hot legs for power and a ground. usually red and black for power. green is for the ground.

How do you convert a 4 prong GE dryer power cord to a 3 prong dryer power cord?

  Answer for USA, Canada and countries running a 60 Hz supply service. Check with a local licensed electrician - or your local electrical safety authority - before you do

Can you stack your washer on your dryer?

That's backwards, as a washer is much heavier than a dryer, particularly when it's full of water.. There are over/under units, but you can't simply set a regular dryer on top

How do you attach a 4 wire power cord to electric dryer?

in back of dryer u should have a block with three wires 2 blacks 1 green the one u are trying to wire up should have 2 black 1 green 1 white the white and green wire go in the

Can a dryer have a 2 prong cord?

This could be a trick question. If it is a gas dryer yes. Hot and neutral without a ground. 110 volts to the dryer motor and controls. Heat coming from gas. If it is an elec

What is a range and dryer cord?

It is a cord like small appliances use to connect to a voltage source. In earlier times these larger appliances used to be what was called hard wired. The voltage supply came