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Can you buy a windows automated system recovery disk?

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No. You have to have a windows install disk (you can buy a copy for $100-$200 on amazon) or a recovery disk if it came with your pc (if OEM)
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How do you reinstall windows xp without the disc - all you have is the system recovery disk?

Answer   Test the CD by inserting it into the drive and rebooting your PC. As long as the CD is earlier in the PC's boot order, the CD will take over the boot process and

How do you perform windows system recovery?

  You can use a backup option, to restore from backup. Or to use one of restore points. Start->Accessories->System Tools->Backup. Or you can use the installation CD, then

Where can you download a windows vista password recovery disk?

Password recovery disk of windows may erase all your data. Though  you can download it from windows website and buy it. But i would  suggest you spend the money in buying so

Does vista have Automated System Recovery Floppy Disks?

Vista does not come with Automated System Recovery Disks, but it does have a utility for a user to create them.

What companies offer disk recovery for Windows?

When you initially receive your new PC, it is important to keep your recovery disks in a safe place. Current practice though does not guarantee that you will receive any back

Where can someone get a Windows XP recovery disk?

A person can create their own Windows XP recovery disc. When one first gets their computer they can make a copy of their computers hard drive and save it to a disc to have on
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How does one make a Windows automated system recovery disk?

If your using windows 7 operating system it is certain instructions that you must follow to successfully make a system recovery disk. First you must first click on Start selec