Can you cheat on someone?

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Yes you can but that does not mean you should. ANSWER: Yes I can and would love to do it, if my boyfriend, husband, or just a partner do not make time for me.
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What do you do when someone cheats on you?

There is nothing called cheating. We make a template of situation, person or our own selves and if something does not fit into that sooner or later or rather never, then we te

Is It Okay To Cheat On Someone?

What does the word "cheat" mean? It means to defraud, swindle, or deceive; to act dishonestly. Does that sound okay to you?

Can you cheat on someone who you dont know?

No one cannot cheat on someone one does not know. If the person is not known then how could you know if you are cheating or not. It is unknown so you do not cheat that way.

If someone cheats on you should you cheat on them back?

That depends if you want to risk your answers being wrong because, why would the other kid cheat on you if he already has the answers. . Cheating is as low as a snake's bel

What if someone cheats on you?

A: hire the cheaters show to find out. B: cheat on them. C: break up. D: forgive and forget. E: Call him and record the lies. F: Hang out with your friends more than him

Why He cheated on her with me then cheated on me with someone else?

Blokes cheat with whoever they have access to. Surprisingly, many male cheaters are not very picky with women they cheat with, frequently cheating with women that are way belo

How do you get someone to cheat on their mate with someone else?

Anyone that has to reduce themselves by trying to get someone to cheat on their mate is extremely immature and vengeful and certainly has no self esteem. If one has high estee
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How can you tell if someone is cheating on someone?

Okay guys lets be more blunt and honest here when answering this question. In my own opinion, one way that you can tell if this person is cheating is by his or her action. Wat
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How can you catch someone cheating on someone?

Well, it should be known by the way that person acts around the other person that you are lead to believe that they are cheating on. Make sure that you don't just accuse th
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What to do if someone has cheated on you?

OK so heres what you do when i found out that my boyfriend was cheating on me i left him because #1 it showed me that i couldn't trust him #2 and that i can do way better w