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Private Disability Insurance
  • You would have to review the policy that you purchased for the benefit period.

  • Relating specifically to individual disability insurance coverage - Yes, you should be eligible for disability benefits after retirement age. You should review the parameters of your coverage to see the specifics of benefits that are payable after age 65. usually you must continue to be working full time for at least 10 months out of the year and benefits will be reduced to 1-year benefit periods. There is a section of your policy specifically devoted to this topic. Review the wording and charts included in your actual contract.

Social Security
  • When one is collecting SSA retirement benefits they are not eligible for Social Security Disability as well.

  • Social Security Disability is for those persons below retirement age who have acquired enough work credits to be awarded disability payments if they incur an illness or physical impairment that prevents them from being employable at the level they were before said injury or illness.

  • SSA does have a supplemental program (SSI) for those who do not qualify for SSD benefits, however said program generally applies to persons with little or no available income. Information concerning all SS benefits and regulations can be found at Social Security Online.

Another View:
Although much of the forgoing is correct, it may confusing to readers. If you are referring to private disability insurance that you purchased through a private insurer, such insurance benefits usually terminate at age 65 (provided the insured has remained disabled for that long). At that point, the disabled person must make a decision of whether to elect to take Social Security then, or if means allow, to delay that election in which event he/she will likely receive a greater benefit.
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