Can you connect brass directly to copper?

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As long as it is a sweat fitting. The term for soldering copper is to sweat it. Don't ask me why.
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Is it okay to connect copper pipe to brass to galvanized to brass and back to copper or will it cause a reaction that will corrode the pipes?

Answer . If you do connect copper pipe to galvanized pipe, you will need a dielectric coupling or else the galvanized pipe will corrode. Same with connecting galvanized pipe to brass fittings. Brass is an alloy that contains copper and therefore the same electrolytic properties will exist unless (MORE)

What plus copper equals brass?

Answer . Zinc is combined with copper to form the brass alloy. The ratio varies, and sometimes other materials are added to create an alloy with different (or application-specific) properties.. A link is provided to the Wikipedia article on brass.

Advantages of brass over copper?

Brass is a metal made of copper and zinc. One advantage of brassover copper is because brass is it enables for smooth fine detail.Copper is also more expensive than brass.

Is brass a better conductor than copper?

\nNo, copper has better electrical conductivity than brass. The Zinc content in brass helps to improve corrosion resistance but lowers the electrical conductivity.

Is it ok to connect brass pipe to copper pipe?

Absolutely, positively, YES as both are non ferrous metals and there is no possibility of galvanic corrosion or electrolytic action taking place.. Presuming your taking about RED BRASS as opposed to Yellow

How can you test to see if it is copper or brass?

Brass is golden / yellow in colour, copper is red / orange. Brass will tarnish more rapidly with dilute acid, as the Zinc in the alloy reacts. Copper is a little more "gummy" if touched with a file, where as Brass gives clean hard shavings.

How much copper is in brass?

Depends on what the usage is do you want YELLOW Brass 60% Copper 40% Zinc Or do you want RED BRASS? 85% Copper 15% Zinc

Is there copper metal in pennies nails and brass?

Although US one-cent coins (pennies) were once mostly copper, today they are 97.5% zinc with a copper plating. Copper nails are rare due to the metal's malleable nature, but zinc nails can be plated with copper as are pennies. Brass is an alloy of copper and zinc, and is widely used.

Brass mimics copper or gold?

Gold, definitely. How about fixing this question as to what type of "brass" There is Yellow brass 60% Copper 40% Zinc and the more common red brass 85% copper and 15% Zinc then there is Muntz metal and Bronze thus BRASS = COPPER as there is NO gold content in "Brass"

Why is brass better than copper?

It is NOT Better as RED Brass is 85% copper 15% Zinc and Yellow brass is 60% copper and 40% Zinc and over time the yellow brass becomes brittle because of dezincification. A piping system is only as strong as its weakest joint and BRASS is normally threaded thus the wall thickness is severly reduce (MORE)

Is Brass Stronger then copper?

Any piping is only as strong as the joints....... Brass there are two main types used in plumbing. 1- Yellow Brass 60 % copper 40% zinc. 2- Red Brass 85% copper 15% Zinc. Copper is softer then brass and the wall thickness is thinner as it is tubing as compared to schedule 40 pipe BUT there use to (MORE)

How can you tell brass from copper?

Copper is easily scratched with a pocket knife. Brass is much harder and cannot be scratched easily. Also if the item has a powdery green patina then it is copper, Brass will not oxidize easily (Unless an electric current is applied in a moist enviroment). Brass is also usally lighter in color than (MORE)

Is brass a mixture of copper and zinc?

Yes: Brass is a homogeneous mixture (metal alloy) of at least . 56% Copper (Cu) and . 5% up to 41.5% Zinc (Zn) and with . smaller amounts of Tin (Sn), Lead (Pb), Ni(ckle), Iron (Fe) or Al(uminum)

Why are the pins on a plug made of brass not copper?

because brass is generally tarnish resisant so it does not discolours easily and also because brass is not such expensive as copper The pins are make of brass because it is a harder metal than copper and will wear better through use over its lifetime.

Can you solder a brass fitting to copper?

Certainly look up Flagg Flow T.P Fittings T.P thread-less copper fittings will FIT on schedule 40/80 /120 Brass pipe Ideally it should be brazed but soldering will hold domestic water pressures Also many solder fittings ARE CAST BRASS rather then wrought copper

What is a better conductor brass or copper?

Copper is a much better conductor than brass. Copper is a pure element. Brass is an alloy. Alloys are almost always poor conductors. There is an exception when it comes to superconductors.

How do you connect PVC to brass?

You need 2 mechanical fittings with compatible threads. One is PVC to glue to the PVC and one is brass to solder to the brass. Then they screw together.

Can you connect brass to copper?

Yes, either by sweating it or with the right fitting on the copper for the brass to screw on. Yes by soldering , brazing, adapters such as Flagg flow TP fittings , Flaire, screwed , Mechanicl joints

Which is more ductile brass or copper?

Copper is more ductile than brass as it is a pure element. The metal ions are exactly the same size, so perfect (or almost perfect) layers are formed in the structure. Those layers are therefore able to slip over each other easily because their edges are smooth. When a metal is drawn out into a wir (MORE)

Why are magnets not attracted to brass aluminum or copper?

because metals that are magnetic are ferromagnetic materials. they contain lots of little tiny magnets scattered every which way. aluminum, brass, or copper don't contain the little magnets, so no other magnets cannot stick to it. each of these tiny magnets are atoms. they spin, and then gain thei (MORE)

How do you solder brass and copper?

Brass is an alloy of copper and zinc and the same soldering procedure can be used to solder each. As long as the base metal is cleaned of oxide and properly fluxed there should be no problem soldering

Can you do brass to galvanized conduit connection?

Can you do it - yes. SHOULD you do it - NO. Because brass and galvanized conduit have different electrochemical potentials (go talk to a chemistry teacher if you need an explanation of electrochemical potential) if you place them in direct contact with each other, you will set up a galvanic differen (MORE)

Is there copper or brass in a piano or organ?

Yes but only the pedals that brass painted plate in the back is cast iron and it is only about 160lbs in the small I'd say double in the upright 320lbs idk about baby grands or grands I just scrapped one hopping it was brass so

Is it okay to connect copper pipe to brass to gal?

Most places, a dielectric union will prevent the dissimilar metals from corroding. Some places, the water is so hard that even a dielectric union won't help. If I wanted to transition from steel to copper or brass, I would use PVC. Modern formulations of PVC are less likely to pose the hazards that (MORE)

How do you solder copper to brass fittings?

Take either an SOS pad or a wire brush and rough up both the inside of the brass fitting and outside of copper pipe, put the copper pipe into the fitting and solder around it.

What do copper and zinc do to brass?

i need to answer this --> Properties of alloy that are different to and more useful than the main metal... i think this means what do they do?

Does Brass or Copper corrode faster?

Brass as it is made from 2 diffrent elements, including copper. thefirst metal tools were made out of copper, then bronze, bronze isstronger then iron, but since iron is much more abundant, the brozeage gave way to the iron age, some where between the iron andbronze age, using brass for ornamentry o (MORE)

Does a brass converter fitting contain copper?

Yes, brass is an alloy made of copper and zinc ; theproportions of copper and zinc can be varied in the alloy to createa range of brasses with different properties (e.g. hardness,corrosion resistance) that are needed for different applications.