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Can you find out an average person's social security number online?

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no, because if anybody could than wouldn't it be easier for identity thieves to steal anybody's identity? There are certain laws in place does not allow that. But, if that person chooses to post their social security number online then you can see theirs.
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How can you find Social Security numbers?

  Answer   Unless you're authorized to secure social security numbers, the only way to obtain them is through illegal activity. Social security numbers are among the

What can people find out about you from your Social Security number?

the numbers represent different data, such as your dob; state it was issued inetc, etc.    Do you mean specific to just the info revealed from the number itself? Like the

Can you find a person's place of current employment with a social security number?

\n. \n Answer \n. \nThis is illegal unless it is to do with creditors, etc.!\n. \n . \n No.\n. \nSocial Security numbers/records, are protected by US federal law.\n

How do you find your social security number if you are a kid?

Answer . Your parents should have this information. Also, the Social Security Office has this information, however, you may need an adult to get your social security numbe

How do you find out what your social security number is?

You should have been issued a social security card early in life, if you were born in the US. If you are an immigrant, you would receive it when you receive citizenship. It wi

Can you check a person's income using their Social Security number?

No. SSN's are only usable under certain circumstances for employers, lenders and the like to check certain information. To use someone's SSN to check their income would me

How do you find out a person's Social Security Number?

In the US, to get a person's Social Security Number you must ask them for it, but they don't have to tell you unless you are their employer. Social Security Numbers are not pu

How do you find who owns the social security number?

You are given a social security number the day you are born. You do not choose it. It is automatically yours to own forever. Every individual has their very own social securi