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Can you find out an average person's social security number online?

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no, because if anybody could than wouldn't it be easier for identity thieves to steal anybody's identity? There are certain laws in place does not allow that. But, if that person chooses to post their social security number online then you can see theirs.
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Could you use a dead person's social security number to get credit cards?

I hope you wouldn't want to. The idea is that this fraud should be prevented by financial institutions' referring to the Social Security Death Index or Death Master File. This

How do I find out if my husband has two social security numbers?

  Under normal circumstances a private party would not be allowed access to Social Security information of another person, even their spouse as the SSA, the IRS and other

How can someone verify a social security number online?

You can go to your local/provincial government web site and input your SSN number into the available search area. Its free to use and is good for validating the number.

Can you use a person's Social Security number to locate their current place of employment?

Locating a Person's Place of Employment Using an SSN   Individuals cannot access such information. Persons or creditors can only obtain the information by use of the disc

What can people find out about you from your Social Security number?

the numbers represent different data, such as your dob; state it was issued inetc, etc.    Do you mean specific to just the info revealed from the number itself? Like the

How do you find where someone is employed using their social security number?

You do not. Use of the Social Security number is the exclusive venue of the Social Security Administration as established by the Social Security Act.

How can i find person using their social security number?

  There are many web sites that can help you find a person using their social security number. This is legal, but they do charge a fee. You can search your browser by typi

How do you find who owns the social security number?

You are given a social security number the day you are born. You do not choose it. It is automatically yours to own forever. Every individual has their very own social securi

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If you have forgotten your Social Security number how can you find out what it is?

Follow this link to the official Social Security Administration website. This particular page gives instructions on how to get a replacement card if your original one has been

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How can you find Social Security numbers?

  Answer   Unless you're authorized to secure social security numbers, the only way to obtain them is through illegal activity. Social security numbers are among the

Can you find a person's place of current employment with a social security number?

\n. \n Answer \n. \nThis is illegal unless it is to do with creditors, etc.!\n. \n . \n No.\n. \nSocial Security numbers/records, are protected by US federal law.\n