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Can you get HDTV over the air broadcast on a HDTV monitor with a standard TV antenna or do you need a converter?

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Yes, you can use the old antenna. However, some new antennas are specially designed to better capture digital TV signals. And the direction, angle, distance, and type of digital signals in your area could influence your choice of antenna. HDTV is a picture format, not a signal format. Most likely a TV with an HDTV picture format already has a digital tuner (ATSC) rather than only an analog tuner (NTSC). However, if it is just a monitor, then you may have to attach a tuner to it, or attach a tuner to your computer, and the computer to the monitor.

Actually, there is no such thing as an "HDTV" tuner. There are analog and digital tuners. All HDTV is digital, but not all digital is going to be HDTV. In Feb 2009 the U.S. Government has mandated that all broadcasters will cease transmitting in analog format and begin transmitting their signals over the air in digital format only. This signal requires an ATSC type tuner (digital) to demodulate the digital signal and display it on your television screen. All TVs manufactured for use in the U.S. from 1 Jan 2006 must have an ATSC tuner. Older TVs with the older style NTSC tuner (analog) will require a converter box to demodulate the digital signals.

More information about the upcoming changes to TV transmissions can be found here:

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