Can you get a Bank of America mortgage with a low credit score?

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Yes, they can take anyone with a low credit score. You may have to pay more up front, but it is possible.
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Can you get a mortgage with 600 credit score?

Yes you can find lenders that will do this, but they will go through FHA and since FHA is now credit driven, you will get hit with a rate bump, which means you will be paying

Can you get a mortgage with a credit score of 491?

It is highly unlikely that anyone would loan you money to buy a house with that score in this market. A score below 500 means you have some serious derogatory items on your cr

Can you pay Bank of America mortgage with credit card?

Bank Of America does not allow payments towards mortgage balance to be applied from a credit card, only a checking account. Cash advance from a credit card can be obtained an

Will a low credit score effect a subprime mortgage rate quote?

A low credit score is often what defines a mortgage rate quote as being "subprime". Generally, the lower your score, the higher the rates will be affected. Before the 2008 mor
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What effect does a credit score have on a mortgage?

The credit score can effect mortgage rates in a lot of differnt ways. If someone has a high credit score he get a lower mortgage rate and if someone has a low credit score he
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How can one obtain a low credit score mortgage?

There are many steps one can take to obtain a mortgage if one has a low credit score. One step to consider would be applying for government help with the Federal Housing Admin
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How do you find out about your mortgage credit score?

Someone interested in finding out about their mortgage and how their credit score is affecting it should make a meeting with their bank. One could meet with a financial adviso
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Where can one review rates for low credit score mortgages?

You can compare the rates for low credit score mortgages on the uswitch website or on the homeguides section of the sfgate website. Alternatively you can use comparison websit