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Can you get a US visa if bankrupt?

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Why do you get US VISA?

Because unless you are from a country that is in the VWP, a visa is required to enter the country

How hard is it to get a US visa?

A visa to travel to the U.S. is a privilege granted by the U.S. government to a foreigner, it is not a right. The government presumes ALL applicants have intent to immigrate t

What do i do to get us visa?

Filing for a U.S. visa can take anywhere from a few weeks to years, depending on the type of visa you want, your status in relation to the United States, and how successfully

US visa What if you do not travel to US within the visa period?

Usually validity period of different visas are different. In case you get a visa valid for 10 years, till the last date of its validity you can make your trip. Further if you

How do you get a visa to US?

First, you need to identify what is your visa requirement. Like, ifyou're visiting the US just for fun and pleasure you need to applyfor a B2 visa which is a tourist visa. Or

What us states are going bankrupt?

Executive Summary - There are now 10 states in the USA that are insolvent and expected to file for bankruptcy in the fairly immediate future (2010). Which 10 States - Californ

What is ten-printed for US Visa?

Fingerprints are considered a major source of identification. In securing a United States Visa, fingerprints are required. The standard prints were thumb and forefinger, how

How can you get a us visa?

Depending on the purpose of your visit the visa type varies from A to Z . For example if you need B-1 visa. The process of applying for a B1 visa involves careful preparation.

What is ten print for US Visa?

A ten print means that you have had prints taken of all ten of your fingers, opposed to just two.

How do you convert a J-1 visa to an H1 visa in the US?

  First of all, you have to make sure there is no "subject to 2 years" condition on your J-1 visa. This condition applies when you are on program that sponsored by either

Do you capitalize the v in visa when using visa number in a sentence?

Because this question is listed in the "credit and debit card" section, it's implied we are talking about a Visa card. You do capitalize "Visa" because it's a proper noun. If

Use bankrupt spouses income for mortgage?

  Can't have one side without the other. Sol that would mean you would be both applying for the Mtg., and it's probably better to keep the BK credit/party away. Especially