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How do you convert a tourist visa to a work visa in US?

Basically you need to have a sponsor or an employer in order for  you to have it converted and for you to be able to use it to work  legally. First step is to find an employ

Benefits for k1 visa in US?

The US citizen needs to petition for future spouse for the K-1 visa. So once the visa is issued the alien can enter US. Within 90 days after entering US the wedding should tak

Why do you get US VISA?

Because unless you are from a country that is in the VWP, a visa is required to enter the country

What do i do to get us visa?

Filing for a U.S. visa can take anywhere from a few weeks to years, depending on the type of visa you want, your status in relation to the United States, and how successfully

Can you use visa or mastercard in the Bahamas?

Yes I have used it many times, plus they love US dollars you can use those too The us dollar and Bahamas dollar are treated the same there

Why is it not easy to get US visa?

A visa to travel to the U.S. is a privilege granted by the U.S. government to a foreigner, it is not a right. The government presumes ALL applicants have intent to immigrate t

How do you get a visa to US?

The visa to US can be got by applying for it using the immigration forms. Depending on the type of visa required the form and procedure varies. For example if you want to appl

How to get a visa for disabled person to the US?

A disability will not prevent a person from getting a visa. A disabled person is able to have a person to assist in the consulate. But the sponsor or applicant themselves wo

How can you get a student visa while already in the US on a tourist visa?

you can get your student visa with change your B1 or B2 visa to a student visa,first what you need is go to the school that you intended to and then ask them how to change it,

What are the requirements for applying for a US visa?

There are different categories of Visa for USA. Each category have different requirement. As if you want to obtain a work visa then first of all your employer will have to sub

How long to get a tourist visa to US?

Depends on where you are from on a British passport it takes up to 3 days on a Pakistani passport it can take up to 6 months. It depends on the consulate office where you file

Canadian visit US visa?

Canadian citizens do not need a Visa to visit the US unless they  are staying for an extended period of time for work , school or  other business. A Canadian citizen would n

How do you get an immigrant visa for US?

This procedure is based on the location of the intending immigrant. This is a very broad overview of this procedure. Applying from the United States: The US relative will file

How can you get a US student visa?

For students who are interested in obtaining a full-time degree or attending an academic program at a school, college, or university approved by the US. Government in complian