Can you get a US visa if bankrupt?

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Is the US bankrupt?

Not by a long shot. We have gone through difficult periods before. Nations act as creditors for one another, and things will have to get exponentially worse than they are at p

Use bankrupt spouses income for mortgage?

Can't have one side without the other. Sol that would mean you would be both applying for the Mtg., and it's probably better to keep the BK credit/party away. Especially in to

Can the US government go bankrupt?

Like any government, the US could default on its debt obligations,or even abrogate its national debt, which would be the same asdeclaring bankruptcy but not with the same lega

What happens if the US goes bankrupt?

Countries can not go bankrupt the way that individuals or businesses do. If the country's credit rating drops further, foreigners will be less eager to buy US bonds and intere

What is Bankrupt?

It is legally declared of insolvent The simple answer used to be that you were bankrupt if you couldnot pay your bills as they came due.

Is US bankrupt?

No. Nor is it insolvent.

When will the Federal Government of the US become Bankrupt?

It is. We would need to tax every fortune 500 company at 100% of gross for a hundred years just to pay our debt. With current increases, the debt service will surpass $1.2 mil

What us states are going bankrupt?

Executive Summary - There are now 10 states in the USA that are insolvent and expected to file for bankruptcy in the fairly immediate future (2010). Which 10 States - Calif