Can you get a sinus infection from having a cavity filled or from the numbing agent?

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No, that will not cause a sinus infection.
Well, it isn't exactly that simple.....if it is an upper tooth and that tooth's roots rest right up against the maxilary sinus - like it does in many people - a deep cavity can irritate the nerve and the sinus will also become irritated. In the case of an extraction, there is a definite link between teeth and sinus infections. So, never say never.
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If you have an ear and sinus infection is it okay to have a cavity filled?

Yes, it's safe, but be sure to tell the dentist anyway. They will want to know, especially if you are on medications. Yes it is ok to fill your cavity. Unless your have an acu

How do you get a sinus infection?

Answer . Sinus infections usually occur when sinuses become blocked, making the warm, moist, mucus-filled sinus cavity a perfect medium in which viruses or bacteria can gro

Do you have to be numbed to fill a cavity?

No. When I was a child, fillings were routinely done without anaesthesia or numbing. It did hurt, but you could take it. Sometimes the Novocaine shot can be just as brutal.

Can having a root canal done cause a sinus infection?

I recently had a root canal done on a tooth that has been dead for about 20 years. I'm 36 now and decided its time for braces.never had any pain in the tooth,but in order to g

How soon can you smoke after having a cavity filled?

You could smoke right after having a tooth filled, though I would not suggest it. maybe wait an hour or so but it should not have any affect pain-wise. The only thing is that

Will sinus infection prevent you from having knee replacement surgery?

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Would sinus infection cause slight numbness in addition to tingling in face?

Hi there. I personally think that they can. In fact I just googled this very question myself and I'm having allergy/mild sinus issues the past few days. Additonally I've been

What does it feel like when getting a cavity filled with no numbing medicine?

This entirely depends on the cavity. For most moderate size cavities, that don't go too near the pulp (blood and nerve supply to the tooth) you can actually have filled with

Can a severe sinus infection cause numbness to the face?

Yes, if there is enough pressure in the sinuses it can impinge on the facial or trigeminal nerve and cause numbness in the face. However, this would be a very severe sinus inf