Can you get pneumonia again after having the pneumonia vaccination?

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Yes but the chances are very unlikely.
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How do you get pneumonia?

Some people get Pneumonia when they have just gotten over a cold. It sometimes starts off as a cold/flu and gets worse . Here's a site that may help: in the related source link below. Also, temperature has nothing to do with it . People with asthma, COPD, smokers are more likely to get pneumon (MORE)

What is pneumonia?

Pneumonia is a type of lung infection, caused by a virus orbacteria. Symptoms may be difficult breathing with pain that runsthrough the chest on inhalation, cough, headache and fever. It ischaracterized by the collection of fluid in the lung tissues. The most common signs and symptoms of pneumonia; (MORE)

How do you get rid of pneumonia?

It is usually treated with antibiotics. You should go to the doctor and usually they will give you some meds and a couple inhalers to take daily.

How can you get pneumonia?

Pneumonia is an infection of the lungs caused by a bacteria, virus,or more rarely, a fungus. A person contracts pneumonia by beingexposed to the pathogen.

Is the vaccine for pneumonia the same as the vaccine pneumococcal?

Pneumonia is a medical illness (an infection of the lungs) caused by a variety of pathogens (bacteria, viruses, fungi). Pneumococcus (full name Streptococcus Pneumoniae) is a bacteria and a common cause of pneumonia. Therefore vaccination against Pneumococcus will prevent some, but not all pneumonia (MORE)

Can a pneumonia shot cause pneumonia?

No it can't, because a shot contains a changed form of the virus/bacteria but still similar so your immune system can create the antibodies to kill the pneumonia virus/bacteria if you come in to contact with it again so you wont get ill from it. The shot may make you feel ill for a few days but it i (MORE)

Who can get pneumonia?

According to Wikipedia, anyone can get Pneumonia: Pneumonia is common occurring in all age groups, and is a leading cause of death among the young, the old, and the chronically ill . [3] Vaccines to prevent certain types of pneumonia are available. The prognosis depends on the type (MORE)

Where can you get pneumonia?

You can get pneumonia anywhere. It starts off as a respiratoryinfection caused by a virus or bacteria, but if it worsens, it canresult in pneumoia.

Who does pneumonia affect?

People, possibly you want to know who are the groups, they are: Risk Factors Persons who are at greater risk of developing pneumonia include those who: Abuse alcohol (Alcohol interferes with the action of the white blood cells, which fight infections.) Abuse drugs (Injection of illegal dru (MORE)

Once you get pneumonia are you more prone to get it again?

yes. bec if you still practice the same practices or still stay in the same place you have before you are more likely to get or (worst) experience on a higher- stage pneumonia. by that time, you need to have a higher dose of medication, higher quality. ( or different brand; better than the first o (MORE)

How long does the pneumonia vaccine last?

Five years. The Pneumococcal Vaccine prevents serious blood, brain,and lung infections from the streptococcus pneumoniae bacteria.This includes pneumonia and meningitis.

Why was pneumonia named pneumonia?

Pneumonia refers to inflammation of the lungs. "Pneumon" in Latin means lungs. The suffix "-ia" means pathological condition. In common English, pneumonia can be translated as "a pathological condition of the lungs." A more technically correct term would be pneumonitis, because the suffix "-itis" (MORE)

Should people get pneumonia vaccine to prevent secondary pneumonia due to Novel H1N1 Swine flu?

The US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) have issued guidelines for this situation and they do recommend this preventive measure in some demographic groups. It is often the secondary pneumonia that ultimately causes the most severe responses to this viral infection in certain segments (MORE)

Where can you get pneumonia from?

Pneumonia is mostly contracted by breathing in small air particles that have microorganisms harmful to the respiratory system. When someone sneezes or coughs, germs contained in these particles enter the surrounding atmosphere and is made readily available for someone else to breath in another way t (MORE)

Difference in walking pneumonia and pneumonia?

i myself have had walking pneumonia and it is the same infection but with walking pneumonia you don't really feel all that ill. you caould just feel as though you have a cold and you can be walking around and carrying on as normal without knowing you had it. this doesn't mke it any less serious thou (MORE)

How does the pneumovax vaccine prevent pneumonia?

The way any vaccine works - is by infecting the patient with an extremely weak dose of the disease they're being immunised for. The weakened virus is just strong enough to trigger the body's immune system into producing anti-bodies, without actually causing the patient to get the 'full-blown' d (MORE)

Should you get the H1N1 vaccine if you have pneumonia?

Most recommendations are that you should not take flu vaccinations if you have an active infection with fever or other serious symptoms. If no fever, and symptoms are mild, you could get the vaccination, but since each case is different, it would be best to speak to your doctor who is treating your (MORE)

Should someone who has already had pneumonia get the pneumonia vaccine?

Yes, if you are otherwise a candidate for the vaccine (there are age and health considerations as well as whether you have been vaccinated for it in the past), you should get vaccinated since pneumonia can be caused by different microbes, some types are viral, some types are bacterial, and even some (MORE)

Who is prone to pneumonia?

O.A.Ps, Babies and people with low immune systems are all more prone to pneumonia. Its the same with Swine Flu.

Can pneumonia relapse?

Yes pneumonia can relapse. Here is what happened to me. I got a cold / flu. Was sick for maybe half a week. During this sickness i did not have a cough. I recovered from the original illness and then i slowly developed a cough. After two weeks i was coughing up blood and terrible tasting and smel (MORE)

Where does Pneumonia live?

Pneumonia is an infection or inflammatory response in the respiratory system. The lung is where the most signs of pneumonia can be seen in an individual with this condition. Pneumonia is most commonly caused by viruses, bacteria, and irritants, although there are other causes of pneumonia that are l (MORE)

What is the cost for having pneumonia?

It varies for the type of pneumonia; if it's silent pneumonia or something that doesn't need much hospital help, it's not much, but if it's a stronger type, it can cost nearly $20,000. It varies a lot...

What is MRSA pneumonia?

Pneumonia is one of the dangerous diseases that cause even death to the young people and for old people; it takes to the chronically ill state, which is horrible. It is a type of disease is known as the inflammatory condition of the lungs. It would be very difficult for the persons to breath. Pneumo (MORE)

Can pneumonia be hereditary?

Pneumonia is caused by either a virus or a bacteria. Pneumonia is not hereditary. However, some lung conditions are hereditary and can make a person susceptible to pneumonia.

Can you get pneumonia if you had the shot?

Yes. The shot protects against Streptococcus pneumoniae (aka pneumococcus), which causes about half the cases of bacterial pneumonia. You can still get pneumonia from other bacteria, viruses, and other inflammatory conditions. In addition no vaccine is perfect and you can still get Strep pn pneum (MORE)

When can you have sexual intercourse after having pneumonia?

Any time you feel up to it. Just remember that if you have been on the pill the entire time while taking antibiotics they probably has not worked since antibiotics makes the pill useless. So you might have to start over and use something else for protection.

What are the medication of pneumonia?

Macrolides, such as Azithromycin, Clarithromycin, and Erythromycin. Tetracyclines, such as Doxycycline. Fluoroquinolones, such as Gemifloxacin, Levofloxacin, and Moxifloxacin. Cephalosporins, such as Ceftriaxone, Cefotaxime, and Cefepime. Penicillins, such as Amoxicillin and Ampicillin. Vancomycin.

What is acute pneumonia?

Acute Pneumonia is an infection of the lung. Patients will present with fever, chills, cough productive of sputum, and shortness of breath. It can be a fatal disease especially in the elderly, very young, or immunocompromised. Most types of pneumonia are bacterial of origin, with pathogens like Stap (MORE)

What is orthostatic pneumonia?

There is orthostatic hypotension and hypostatic pneumonia, but not orthostatic pneumonia. Check the search engine of your choice to verify this information.

What is the phylum of pneumonia?

For bacterial pneumonia, there are a total of 29 different possible phyla. For fungal pneumonia, there are six different possible phyla. The specific phylum will depend upon the causative agent of the pneumonia. In addition, there is no phylum for a viral pneumonia, nor an auto-immune or allergy-ba (MORE)

Is pneumonia an adjective?

No. It is a noun, for a medical condition. The adjective form maybe "pneumonic" (referring to pneumonia) or the general term pulmonary for non-pneumonia conditions of the lungs.

How pneumonia start?

it started by all the dust then it went to the lungs . when they went to sleep they would go in the lungs . by Wendy c love you gurls

Is it safe to get the pneumonia vaccine if your sick?

It depends on what is causing your sickness. If it is an infection, and/or you have a fever, then you should wait until the fever subsides and all acute symptoms of infection are gone. The best answer for you will come from your own health care professional, what might be safe for another person may (MORE)

How do you treat a really sore arm after a pneumonia vaccination?

Many vaccinations are given by injection in the muscle tissue of the arm. There are commonly local reactions that make your arm hurt when you move it or touch it for a few days after the shot. It may feel hot or look swollen and red in the place where the medicine was injected. The most effective wa (MORE)

Is it harmful to get pneumonia vaccine twice?

No it isn't. The vaccine is considered safe and an extra dose would not cause problems with your immune response, in fact, it might make it work even better to prevent pneumonia, as it would act as an added "booster".

Is it safe to get pneumonia vaccine if your age is over 70?

Yes, in fact, it is recommended for people age 65 and over by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). The risk of serious illness or death from the pneumococcal bacteria that the vaccine helps to prevent in that age group is much higher than the risk of any problems with the vaccinatio (MORE)