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Can you get square eyes by watching tv?

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That is just a lie parents tell you. You won't get "square" eyes but your eyes will go bad.
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Is watching television with no other light source bad for your eyes?

yes if you watch it like that repetitively for long distances of time but if you don't do it very often it shouldn't turn out to be a problem. There is no evidence that sittin

When do you watch tv?

On weekends or after work/school on weekdays.

Can you watch tv if you have pink eye?

Answer . Yes! It's ok to watch t.v. it's not going to harm you or cause it to get worse. Pink eye will cause sensativity to the light in some cases but it's actually not ha

Can you hurt your eyes if you wear sunglasses while watching television or playing th computer?

No. Not unless you wear particularly dark sunglasses that make everything so dim your eyes have to strain, and you do so for long periods of time. Otherwise, have at it. In fa

Is watching television in the dark bad for your eyes?

yes new studies show that it is not good.  yes it makes your eyes strain to see, which is probably why most people get tired while watching tv, the pupil in the eye is cons

What does TV do to your eyes?

When you watch too much tv your eyes will become blurry and somtimse you won't be able to see clear at night.

Is watching television bad for your eyes?

Answer   What is bad for your eyes, if you sit too close to the television set. Another problem that effects your eyes in the long run, if you watch television in the dar

Why do my eyes hurt while watching a big screen tv?

  Answer   chances are you aren't blinking and your eyes are getting dry. If you do it often enough, you can develop a condition known as "dry eyes" and will need to