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Can you go back to court to modify child support agreement?

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In California, I was allowed a modification every 3 years. It is just a matter of contacting the District Attorney's office or who ever has your case and requesting it. This goes for both parties.
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If the courts order child support can the mother go back 5 years to collect?

\n. \n Answer \n. \nYes, she can. She must make the decision before it is finalized. If the courts decide in her favor, the father can pay it up front or continue payin

What does a 'petition to modify' mean in child support court?

Answer . petition to modify means you are asking the court to change a previous order, this way you can increase or lower child support, increase or lower visitation and c

How often can the custodial parent go back to court for additional child support?

As often as is warranted as long as it does not constitute harassment which is defined by the laws of the state where the order of support was granted.. The general rule is n

Can a parent refuse child support then go to court and ask for back child support?

No. Most judges will only collect the child support due at the time that you filed for Child Support so if you filed a case with child support on June 2008 and then got it fin

How long back courts go if no child support has been paid?

Depending on the state, retroactive orders are 2-18 years, but Judge David Grey Ross, Commissioner of the Federal Office of Child Support Enforcement opposes the program, and

Can father go back after closing the case for child support after 4 years and reopen it and the mother pay all back child support when we came to agreements?

Yes, he can. If the father was the sole supporter of the child(ren) for 4 years without any contribution from the mother, the mother is responsible for her share of this time.

After a year of divorice can i go back to court for more child support?

Some other event needs to have happened besides the period of time. Many states award child support based on a percentage of income. You may need to adjust your budget and/or