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Can you include probation fees in bankruptcy?

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No. Obligations to the government cannot be discharged through bankruptcy action.
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Are there fees involved when you dismiss your bankruptcy?

Answer . A debtor can dismiss a Chapter 13 bankruptcy at any time without a fee, except perhaps for any remaining attorney's fees that have not been paid under the Chapter

What can you not include in bankruptcy?

It depends on local legislation A basic, rough primer: In the US, BK is always done under FEDERAL Laws, in a Federal Bankruptcy Court. Basically State makes little differe

If Probate filed one year ago you are receiving money in few weeks just spoke to attorney about bankruptcy do you have to include this money?

Inheritance asset from pre-petition period....ABSOLUTELY. Bankruptcy affects ALL your assets and ALL your liabilities...not just those you want...because..- you'd only say

What can be included in a bankruptcy?

This depends on what type of bankruptcy you are filing for. Chapter 7 bankruptcy is basically liquidation - all of the debtor's assets (besides those which are exempt) are sol

What is the attorney's fee for probating a will?

Whatever you agree to. Typically it will be a certain fee per hour, plus the costs of filing the appropriate paperwork. The paperwork fees are fixed by the court. Your attorne

Is there a monthly fee for being on probation?

Usually there is not a monthly fee. There are fines that you have to pay and a lot of times they let you make minimum monthly payments. This also depends on the charges that y

Can my attorney's fees be placed on my bankruptcy?

Bankruptcy attorneys will collect all money due to them prior to them filing the bankruptcy case in court because uncollected fees will be discharged. If you're talking abou

Are accounts after bankruptcy included in bankruptcy?

Any debt that you accumulate before your bankruptcy filing and have listed on your petition will be eliminated when you receive your discharge as long as your creditors do not

HOA fees foreclosure and bankruptcy?

We were granted a chapter 13 over a year ago in which we surrendered out house. The lender, GMAC, has not sold the home, but keeps putting if on the market and taking it off.

What are probate fees?

In the Uk the current Court fee for those attending court in person is £105.00 (August 2012) plus £1 for each additional copy of probate requested at the same time as th