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Can you include probation fees in bankruptcy?

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No. Obligations to the government cannot be discharged through bankruptcy action.
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What is the property limit you can include on a bankruptcy?

  Answer     If by "property limit" it is meant what personal and real property can be exempted from bankruptcy, that is determined by the type of bankruptcy you

Can you include payday loans in a bankruptcy in IL?

BK is a Federal process, and while many FEDERAL district courts use definitions and rules that help facilitate things for the customs and laws of the areas they generally serv

Can you include judgments in bankruptcy?

Yes in a chapter 13 but you should definitely consult your lawyer to make sure all kinds are ok. And note filing them in a bankruptcy,unfortunately, doesn't always get rid of

Is the seller's concession included in the fees?

  Answer     The wording of your question needs some work. I am curious which fees you are referring to.   Generally in a home purchase, a seller is allowed

Who pays for legal fees for a probate lawyer?

They are paid by the estate. Unless the lawyer has been retained by a beneficiary, in which case they are responsible.

What debts are included in filing bankruptcy?

doctor bills,electric.phone,cable,cell phone,water,gas,oil,credit cards,loans,car that are repo the money left on them, personal people you owe money to , IRS only stops the i

Can checking account be included in bankruptcy?

  Not just can, has to be. You don't have real choices on what is in your bankruptcy. It must include all of your assets and all of your debts...some may be classified a

Does Bankruptcy include personal loans?

Lets start with - a thing doesn't file BK...a this or a that...YOU file bankruptcy. It involves EVERYTHING you owe and everything you own. It is not limited to some aspect - l

Can you dispute an item that was included in bankruptcy?

You can dispute bankruptcies and items included in bankruptcies the same as any other negative item on your credit report. You must submit a dispute letter to the credit burea

What is included in condo fees?

Depends on the association. You pay assessments monthly, and they are an automatic part of condominium ownership, usually.  You can ask your treasurer for a copy of the annua

HOA fees foreclosure and bankruptcy?

We were granted a chapter 13 over a year ago in which we surrendered out house. The lender, GMAC, has not sold the home, but keeps putting if on the market and taking it off.