Can you play Pokemon GO on an iPod touch 6?

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As long as your OS is up to date, or within a version or two, you can probably play Pokemon GO on your iPod Touch 6.
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How do you go to the radio in the iPod touch?

The iPod Touch does NOT have a built-in radio. But, by jailbreaking you can access online radio stations by installing third-party apps.. The iPod Touch does NOT have a built

How do you trade Pokemon on the iPod Touch?

its actually a lot easier then it seems but multiple parts to it 1 download vba(virtual boy advance) IT MUST BE A WIFI VERSION (ithink it says LAN) ifunbox(gets ROM

How do you get Pokemon on an iPod Touch?

Thanks for Taking An Intrest In Pokemon For The iPod I Am Currently Developing An Application Which Will Be Approved By Apple INC As It Does Not Break Any Of There Terms Of Se

What Pokemon games are on the iPod Touch?

The only Pokemon game that is by the Pokemon company is CampPokémon. It is available for: iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch and theminimal version required is 6.0.

Psp go or iPod Touch?

I would choose iPod Touch if I were you because you can do some much more than just play games! You can::: Listen to an iPod Play games Go on the internet FREE Down

Does your iPods music go to the iPod touch?

It depends on where you get your music and if you have it synced to your itunes. If it's synced to itunes then it will hopefully sync up to your ipod. If you got yours from so
In iPod

How do you go into the internet with the ipod touch?

if on a wifi hot spot or have a router at home, on your ipod go to settings/wi-fi and select any available connection and you should be ready to go, if a lock appear that mean