Can you play region free dvds on region 2 DVD players?

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Hello, dear if u can make sure the DVD is region free, it can be played in any DVD players.
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How do you reset the region code on a DVD player?

DVDs have 6 region codes for different regions in the world which are used as a commercial protection. You may only watch the dvds in your specifically region easily. A region free player means you can also watch the dvds originally released in other regions. Some players are region free but it it s (MORE)

How can you buy a region-free DVD player?

Hi, Search the internet. Use Google and type in: "region+free+DVD+player" and see what comes up. They make 'em and I've seen several on the web. You just need to spend some time searching, that's all. Hope this helps, Cubby Try this: Go to: Type in your model numb (MORE)

Can you make your PS3 DVD region free?

you can try to use the DVD X Player, it is the best DVD player on PC, it is able to reset any DVDs by unlock all DVD region code such as Region 1, Region 2, Region 3 and etc. DVD X Player is able to plays all regions' DVD on all DVD drives (except for the Matshita DVD-RAM series, Sony VAIO serials a (MORE)

When is 'How I Met Your Mother' season 2 out on DVD region 2?

The region 2 release of How I Met Your Mother season 2 is going to be on the 8th february 2010 go on HMV website and you can pre order it;0;-1;-1;-1&sku=299061 I think we should all thank E4 for buying the rights to air How I Met Your Mother bec (MORE)

Why does your DVD player say Check Regional Code when you try to play your DVD?

Sounds to me like your trying to play a foreign DVD from another country. When you purchase a DVD player from the store the box will most of the time list its region code on the box. For example I think the U.S. uses region code 1. If you really want to play that DVD best bet is to buy a DVD player (MORE)

What is region 2 DVD?

Hello,dear, DVD region2 means that the DVDS that from the following regions include: DVD REGION 2 Europe (except Russia, Ukraine, and Belarus), Middle East, Egypt, Japan, South Africa, Swaziland, Lesotho, Greenland

What is region code 2 on a DVD?

DVD Region 2: Europe (except Russia, Ukraine, and Belarus), Middle East, Egypt, Japan, South Africa, Swaziland, Lesotho, Greenland

How do you make DVD player region free?

,dear, maybe there is no possible way to make the DVD player region free. but u can refer to maybe Amazon to search a multi-region DVD player~~ A2 You need to find the correct 'Hack' for your model. Google 'DVD Hacks', there are many sites out there that will provide the details. It general (MORE)

When will reaper season 1 be released on region 2 DVD?

There is no official release date for Reaper 1 & 2 On Region 2 UK PAL however UK sites like and have the option of signing up to be notified "when this item becomes available" which kinda suggests that it may be on it's way...just don't hold your breath; it has been like this (MORE)

What is a region 2 DVD player?

The region code signifies the geographical places from which the dvd's that are bought can be played/ decoded in a given player.\nRegion 2 signifies regions-\n. \nWestern Europe, incl. United Kingdom, and Central Europe; Western Asia; including Iran, Israel and Turkey, Egypt; Japan, South Africa, S (MORE)

What is a region code for DVD players and why?

Region Code (RC) is a DRM technique developed to allow movie studios to control DVD/Blu-ray releases according to the region, including content, release date, and price. RC is encoded in the DVD/Blu-ray video disc to restrict the area in which it can be played. DVD Region Code There are six (MORE)

Can you play region 2 DVDs in the UK?

Europe is region 2 for DVD and Bluray disc encoding. Most region 2 discs will play without a problem in a UK player. Note that there is a facility to add a sub region to the code, so dividing Europe into smaller regions. It is rarely, if ever used, but technically, it is possible to further restric (MORE)

Can you play a region 1 DVD in the UK?

It depends whether or not you have a multi-regional player, but typically not. There are a number of DVD players available in Europe that do not check region codes although many of them are modified from the manufacturer's original specification and are likely to have no warranty in the case of fai (MORE)

Can a Region 4 PS3 play all region DVDs?

well, i recently got 2 region 1 dvds (im from aus) and both worked on my 2009 model PS3 and yet they both said region 1 on the cover. BUT, it doesnt mean that some dvds still wont work on it. Really, it just depends on the dvd. Some companies make region free dvds and put on the front/back cover a c (MORE)

Can you play region 2 DVDs on PC?

First of all, what region is your PC already set in. If its region 2 then it will play the DVD, but if it is some other region apart from 0 or "all" it will not work and will require you changing your region of the drive. You should keep in mind that the drive allows a very limited number change (MORE)

Can you play DVD region 1 on a Blu-ray player?

A region 1 DVD is intended to be used in North America. Any BluRay player purchased in North America should play the disc. Bluray players from other regions such as Europe will be expecting to play discs marked with a different region code so are unlikely to pay a region 1 DVD.

Can Japanese region 2 DVDs play on American region 1 DVD players?

No, they are two different regional format. Unless you have an all Region DVD Player which is not available anywhere. Your computer might be able to play these Japanese DVDs but you have to change the regional format of your computer to region 2. Setback is you cannot play Region 1 anymore on your c (MORE)

Where can you play region 2 DVDs?

Hello,dear, DVD region 2 includes: 2 Europe (except Russia, Ukraine, and Belarus), Middle East, Egypt, Japan, South Africa, Swaziland, Lesotho, Greenland U can play the region 2 dvds in the previous regions and countries.

Can pal DVD be used on region 2 DVD player?

Region 2 DVDs are intended for use in Europe. As PAL is the British / European color standard, there should be no problem playing a PAL DVD on a region 2 player. Region 2 also includes France which uses a different color system. It is possible that a PAL disc won't play on a French player although t (MORE)

How do you know what region your DVD player is?

The following is a specific table about the DVD region code. DVD Region Code There are six different official region codes and 2 informal variations for DVDs as follows: . RC . REGION . 1 . United States, Canada, Bermuda, U.S. territories. 2 . Europe (except Russia, Ukraine, and Belaru (MORE)

Why have region 2 for DVD players and region b for Blu-ray players?

DVDs are coded into one of five regions (1 - 5)depending on where they are sold around the world. Blu-ray discs on the other hand are divided into three regions (a, b, c). The regions are purely commercial and are used to prevent content intended for one market being sold or used in another. Licensi (MORE)

Can you play region 1 dvds in Ireland?

A disc player bought in Ireland will be coded as a region 2 player. Region 2 players do not play region 1 discs which are intended for the North American market. The region codes are simply a commercial tool used to prevent content released into one market being distributed in other parts of the wo (MORE)

Can you play region 1 dvds on a PlayStation?

The Sony PlayStation entertainment system lacks a DVD drive, so no, DVDs cannot be played, regardless of their region code. However, if you possess a PlayStation 2 or PlayStation 3 designed to NTSC U/C (United States/Canada) games, it will be capable of playing back Region 1 DVDs. These models typic (MORE)

Why are region free DVD players so hard to find?

The recording rights authorities do not want you to do it. They want to control when and where the films are played. Major manufacurers of DVD players may get sued, if they are seen to facilitate unauthorised access, to out of region DVDs. Far more region free devices are found with unbranded or unh (MORE)

Will any DVD drive play all regions of DVD movies?

DVD movies are region specific. This is a code on the disc which says where the DVD can be played. Region 1 is the USA, Region 2 is Europe and so on. If you have a Region 1 DVD in Europe, it won't play. Many people disagree with region encoding and enter a code into their DVD players to turn off thi (MORE)

What companies create DVD region free DVD's?

DVD's themselves aren't the things that are made region free, it's the DVD players that are encoded to only play certain regions or in some cases region free. Laser and Akai and two such brands that create and market region free DVD players. Although many of the major brands don't create or advert (MORE)

Where could one purchase a region free DVD player?

Due to US Copyright restrictions, and the intense lobbying on the part of the film industry, region-free DVD players can be difficult to obtain. Some sellers online will offer region-free devices, but in general one can obtain a regular DVD player and attempt to region-unlock the device. The succe (MORE)

Where can one purchase region free DVD players?

DVD players that play all world regions, or region free players can be bought online at many websites these days. Amazon have some models in stock. There are some available on eBay most of the time. Then there's the specialized stores like Region Code Free DVD and World Import.

Where can one purchase a region free portable DVD player?

Region free DVD players are available from direct import sources. Amazon stocks them, as do eBay or online merchants such as World-Import. Another option is to research what models of big name players can have their region coding disabled by special codes entered through the remote.