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Can you put YouTube videos on gaia?

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Go to the video you want to put on your profile and copy the URL code on the right. Then go to your profile, click edit, go to the blue box and click content, then click media. When it comes up on your profile click the edit button for it and past the code for it in the URL space. Then click save and your done.
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How can you put YouTube videos on gaia?

Copy the Youtube video's URL code and then login to your Gaiaonline account and go to the "Account" tab. Then in Preferences there is a multimedia link that leads to to a page

Can you put videos from YouTube on your mp3 player?

You shall not download any Content unless you see a "download" or similar link displayed by YouTube on the Service for that Content. Unless YouTube provide a download link

How do you put YouTube videos on your computer?

  1. Go to the video you want on youtube. 2. Highlight and copy the address from the top of your screen in the address bar. 3. Go to Zamzar.com 4. Click the tab that

How do you put a video on Youtube?

First put your video that you wish to upload on to your computer, make sure you know where you saved the video. If you wish you don't need to make a recording in advanced, jus

How do i put youtube videos on an artbook on moviestar planet?

put music on it? easy. first you create a playlist on youtube. on the top left corner, you should see a button that says "top" with a star above it. next to it you should see

Do you get money from putting videos on YouTube?

You CAN get money from YouTube if you create original content and are accepted into their program for original content creators. You would need to get manually approved by a Y

How do put videos on YouTube?

you can only post videos on youtube if you have an account and if you do then you can post any videos you like you should find a button that's orange that's says "upload"

Does it cost money to put videos on YouTube?

No youtube is a free website. Put as many video's on youtube as you like   Maxy661          It cost me because my parents told me they got charged

How do you put lyrics on YouTube videos?

Well, you can use Windows Movie Makes, it comes with your windows computer. You can upload pictures, lyrics, and of course the music. Or you can go to the bottom of you tube
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How do i put YouTube videos on my ipod?

A very useful program is Video sharer.   Get Video sharer now( click the "related link below the answer")   It's free and provides an option to download any video from