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Can you put YouTube videos on gaia?

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Go to the video you want to put on your profile and copy the URL code on the right. Then go to your profile, click edit, go to the blue box and click content, then click media. When it comes up on your profile click the edit button for it and past the code for it in the URL space. Then click save and your done.
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How do you put YouTube video on gaia?

You go onto YouTube and copy the URL (that long http:// thing at the top of the browser) of the video you want. Then, you go to your profile and paste it into the 'Media' cont

How can you put YouTube videos on gaia?

Copy the Youtube video's URL code and then login to your Gaiaonline account and go to the "Account" tab. Then in Preferences there is a multimedia link that leads to to a page

How do you get a YouTube video on your Gaia profile?

Go to your Gaia profile and click the "Edit My Profile Layout" button. Next, click the "Content" button. Then, click "Media". Put the box where you want your YouTube video to

How do you put video on gaia?

If you mean a youtube video then: Go to your profile and edit it. In the blue box on the right you see "Content". Click it. You see there lots of things! then add "media".

How do you put explosions in YouTube videos?

All the YouTube uploaded video will be granted with a proper rating prior to posted to public. I guess it is done by a screening software plus randomly by a human. You have to