Can you put a basement on a cob house?

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Yes, it is possible. It's likely that it will need to be constructed from concrete to ensure the basement is capable of supporting the heavy cob structures of the house.
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Why is the basement the hottest room in your house?

Answer . \nWell, unless you have a basement so deep it reaches to the fires of hell, I'd say you have a heating vent leak. Your money is being wasted heating the basement.

Where is your basement in a house?

The basement is the level in your house below ground level. To say it another way, you would be below the ground if you were in a basement.

Why do you put corn on the cob in cold water?

It saves cooking time, and energy: Corn on the cob takes a long time to cook. It would take even longer if you boiled the water first, before adding in the corn on the cob.
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Where are new zealands cob houses usually at?

If by cob, you mean the houses made of material variously called 'adobe', or 'mud brick' or 'rammed earth', then these styles of construction tend to be confined to areas wher
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Can you put laminate flooring in your basement?

A conditional answer! PROBABLY Laminate is about the most forgiving and least cranky flooring around. Moisture is the issue for any flooring. A lot of the modern Laminate is a
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How do you make cob houses?

"Cob" is a mixture of clay and straw used as a building material. To make a cob house you first make a wooden frame for the house anderect it on the foundations. The walls are