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Can you replace a 480-240V 3-phase motor with a single phase motor as a temporary replacement or will it burn it out?

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Yes, you can, and it won't burn out IF>>> the horsepower rating is the SAME. Pay attention to wiring and motor rotation.
Also check the voltage: the motor voltage must be the same as the voltage between two hots of your 3 phase system. You will only use two hots as this is a single phase motor.
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Why does a single phase motor burn when its input voltage reduces?

The load of the motor itself is constant and it will try to achieve it's running RPM. If the supply voltage decreases the amperage needed increases to where the motor windings

What if 3 phase motor is single phase?

A three-phase motor will not start if one or two phases aren't connected. If while running one or two phases "drop out", it will continue to run for awhile, but will eventuall

Can you replace the 5HP 3-phase motor on your compressor with a single phase motor of the same HP?

Probably. 5 hp. is 5 hp., regardless of the phases that drive it.. But for practical implementation, you will see following problems:. 1] Single phase motor will demand for

How do you replace a three phase motor?

You need to ensure that each line conductor is correctly identified. If you replace them in the wrong sequence, then the new machine will run backwards when you energise it! I

How do you replace a 3 phase 5hp motor?

A 3 phase 5 hp motor is a fair size motor and I must say up front that if you don't know how to, you might not should be doing so without a licensed Journeyman electrician. If

Will a single phase three hp motor replace a three phase motor on a compressor?

If the compressor currently has a 3-phase motor connected to a 3-phase service, then, unless there is also a single phase branch circuit outlet available at the same location,

Can a three phase motor work on single phase power with out burning up?

A three phase motor will not operate on single phase. The motor will run on two phases but will not start. Motors running on just two phases is called single phasing. The line

Why an electrical single phase motor burn on no load?

Single phase implies an AC motor. There are different parts of a motor, and thus different parts may have burned out. Different causes for different parts - sometimes parts fa

Can you replace the 5HP 3 phase motor on your compressor with a single phase motor of the same HP?

Yes BE SURE TO Check RPM 5hp at 1800 rpm needs 25hp at 3600 rpm caveat : single phase motors are bigger physically consume more power and run at higher current (7

Why a single wire is burning from 3 Phase motor?

It sounds like there may be a partial short in one the the three motor windings. What should be done it to megger the motor. This will tell you if all three winding are not sh