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Can you say some more kadam kathakal in Malayalam?

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Can you say some more kadam kathakal in Malayalam?
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How do you say I'll see to it in Malayalam?

if used in a context of raising moral of others....it can be said Nyaan noakkatte!-" i shall look into it" or nyaan pat'hikyatte!!- "i shall study it!" or nyaan sramikyat

Can you say some kadam kathakal in Malayalam?

muttathe cheppinu adappilla ans: kinar akashathu ethunna thotti ans:kannukal odum kuthira chadum kuthira vellam kandal nilkum kuthira ans : cheruppu

How do you say i know Malayalam in Malayalam?

Enikku Malayalam ariyaam, Malayalam enikku ariyaam (എനിയ്ക്ക് മലയാളം അറിയാം, മലയാളം എനിയ്ക്ക് അറി