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i dont see the sea
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Are sea cucumbers plants or animals?

Sea cucumbers are animals. They look like cucumbers XD

When do people see sea lampreys?

The sea lamprey is a parasite. It attaches itself to fish with its suction cup month which has sharp teeth. Using its rasping tongue it pierces the skin of the fish and feeds

What is a skeleton of tiny sea animals?

A skeleton of a tiny sea creature is a coral reef.

Is a platypus a sea animal?

No, a platypus is a land mammal that hunts underwater. It can only hold its breath for a couple of minutes while searching for food.

What animals eat sea anemones?

Not many, because they're poisionous. However, Clown fish live amongst them as they are immune to it's poision, so i wouldn't be suprised if they were found to have a nibble a

How are the sea animals and land animals diffrent?

Sea animals live in the sea, land animals live on land. Most sea animals cannot breathe out of water. Sea animals invovle: fish, sharks, whales, octopuses, squid, starfish etc

How far can you see at sea level?

height of your eyes above the ground: h radius of the Earth: r [= 6371000 m.] distance of furthest visible point on Earth's surface: d Your eyes, the furthest point that you c