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i dont see the sea
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When do people see sea lampreys?

The sea lamprey is a parasite. It attaches itself to fish with its suction cup month which has sharp teeth. Using its rasping tongue it pierces the skin of the fish and feeds

How do you make a sentence with see and sea?

There is so much to see while at sea.  You should see the beautiful seashells that can be found on the  shore near the sea. 

Which sea animals have the word sea in their name?

Sea anenomes, sea cucumber, sea lettuce, seagull, sealion. that's all. Don't forget about the sea slug. Everybody forgets that one, just cos it's a slug and a bit ugly. And

What does it mean when you see the sea in your dream?

if the sea calm that mean u will have power or money if not maybe u will havecproblem Answer: As indicated in the previous response, a reliable interpretation is not possible

Animals in the sea?

sea anemones sea horses dolphins whales sea otters penguins mackeral anchovies sea urchins octopus sea star shrimp crab lobster seal sea lion sea gulls puffins clams mussels b

How are the sea animals and land animals diffrent?

Sea animals live in the sea, land animals live on land. Most sea animals cannot breathe out of water. Sea animals invovle: fish, sharks, whales, octopuses, squid, starfish etc

How far can you see at sea level?

height of your eyes above the ground: h radius of the Earth: r [= 6371000 m.] distance of furthest visible point on Earth's surface: d Your eyes, the furthest point that you c
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What sea animals eat sea worms?

well, there is a variety of animals that eat worms, but the only sea animal that comes to mind is fish. Turtles may eat worms, but its uncertain. other land animals that eat w

Can you see the adriatic sea from Croatia?

Yes, Croatia is part of the the Adriatic basin. About over 1,700  miles of the mainland shares a coast with the Adriatic Sea. Another  4,000 miles of the island coasts is se