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Can you still use old Nabisco shredded wheat coupons on post products?

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I just used one this week in my store in a Cashwise in MN.
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Can shredded wheat cereal be eaten on Passover?

Whether you can eat shredded wheat cereal on Passover would depend on your degree of compliance with Hebrew law. While technically, shredded wheat has no leavening (somethin

Where can you purchase Nabisco shredded wheat cereal?

  Answer   You can't. Well, at least not from Nabisco. Nabisco sold the Shredded Wheat brand to Kraft in 1993. It is currently marketed as Post Shredded Wheat. Pos

How can you contact Nabisco about a product problem?

If you want to contact Nabisco, you have three choices. You can call, you can email, or you can send them a snail-mail letter. To call, dial the number 1-800-323-0768 on any

Can shredded wheat go bad?

Shredded Wheat can't go bad but it can go soggy once been open too long (due to moisture getting inside the box) and wont taste very nice.

Why is there a picture of Niagara Falls on shredded wheat?

Nabisco bought the company that made Shredded Wheat which was located next to Niagara Falls, they just kept the picture that the original company used.