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Can you still use old Nabisco shredded wheat coupons on post products?

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I just used one this week in my store in a Cashwise in MN.
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Does Nabisco still make low sodium wheat thins?

Yes, Nabisco still makes low sodium wheat thins. However, they arenot easily found on the shelves, buying them through Amazon is aquick and reliable way to have them delivered

Does Nabisco still make honey wheat thins?

Here in NC they do. It seems that here in NY we cannot locate any stores that sell Honey Wheat Thins and we do not know why. can anyone confirm this to us.. sam

Can shredded wheat go bad?

Shredded Wheat can't go bad but it can go soggy once been open too long (due to moisture getting inside the box) and wont taste very nice.

How old is Nabisco?

The National Biscuit Company was founded in 1898 by the merger oftwo bakery companies: - New York Biscuit Company (established by William Moore in 1889) - American Biscuit & M