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Definitely. Just like you can sue any physical group.

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Depending on who 'you' are, you may have other options.

If you are not an owner, and have a legal case, an attorney can help you sue an association.

If you are an owner, when you sue the association, you are essentially suing yourself. Read your governing documents to determine whether or not the issue at hand is addressed there.
  • If it is, you may have a process documented within your governing documents that you can use to plead your case with the board or with the management company.
  • If it is not -- or if you believe that your board is in violation of your governing documents -- you can write a letter to the board requiring that the issue be handled in public at an open board meeting; that you be given an opportunity to present your case there; that the board vote on the issue, and that the issue's nexus and decision be documented in the board meeting minutes.
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