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I would like to know the answer to this question. After having gone through a year of horrible divorce proceedings, my case was finally closed in Dec. 2008 with the final divorce decree. I was not aware that my file is available to the general public to view in the state of nh. In NH one can just walk into family court ask for the file if they have the case number and even if they dont they could just ask the clerk and they could obtain it for view. No questions asked of them as to why they wish to review it and also they dont have to log in with their name, address, phone number etc. I went in after my divorce to look up something in my file (with no questions asked) and found out that not only can one see my name, date of birth, address and phone number but also within my file is my social security number! I took exception to this and spoke to the clerk and she stated I must file a motion to have info omitted. But the kicker was that it was not a guarantee that the judge would approve it and I must now pay a $100 filing fee to reopen the file/case to have it presented to the judge. I stated that I did not want to pay the fee that if I had known about this prior to the file being closed and given the opportunity to review it for info that I wished to have omitted I would have done so and therefore would not have had to pay the fee. The clerk said I could fill out a motion to have the fee waived but would have to fill out a financial affidavit. I said it would just show I had the means to pay and its the principal of the issue. So she said the file would not be presented without the filing fee. A catch 22. So I at present wrote to the head of the clerks at family court stating that I feel its a breach of my privacy and security especially with identity theft on the rise. If my identity is stolen or breached I would turn to the court and demand that they tell me who has viewed my file etc for I know that all this info is available to the public and to any predator.

Can one sue the court on an issue and represent themselves?

Diane King
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