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Can you switch from active army to active guard?

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Not until your current enlistment expires. After that, you can reenlist into the National Guard and apply for an AGR position, although I can tell you they're not particularly easy to get.
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Will the army National Guard accept active duty marines?

Normally, one cannot be part of two organizations at one time. Once you complete your term of enlistment, you may join as long as your "re" code is usually 2 or less. sometim

How can i go from National Guard to active army?

  Have the regular Army recruiter help you fill out a DD368. Give the DD368 to your chain of command to sign. Bear in mind your Natioanl Guard does not have to sign the DD

Is army National Guard boot camp training active duty?

You'll still be categorised as National Guard, but yes. You'll go through the exact same BCT and AIT (or else OSUT) as the Regular Army and Army Reserve do.

Can you reenlist from active army to army National Guard?

No, you must terminate your active duty statutory obligation (the period of active duty that you had signed your contract for) and then you have the option to enlist into one
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Can you switch from active army to National Guard?

No. If you want to go from Regular Army to National Guard, you must first finish your active duty enlistment, then reenlist into the Guard - you cannot opt out of active duty