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Can you track a cell phone if it is turned off?

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Not through normal cell phone technology. If you're paranoid, remove the battery.

Cell phones would only transmit information and data when its turned on, so you'll never be tracked down when your phone is dead.
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Why should you turn off your cell phone in an interview?

Because you should be concentrating on what the interviewer is saying. Having your phone ring during an interview is inconsiderate and rude. You can ALWAYS divert calls to voi

Can the police track your I Phone if you turn the location off?

As long as it's switched on - any mobile phone can be tracked to within a 3 metre square location. The mobile network always knows the physical location of each active handset

Why do people turn off their cell phones?

People turn off there cell phones because they want to save the battery, it is dead, or because they don't want people calling them.

Does a cell phone register missed calls when turned off?

It depends on the provider you use. Verizon, TechMaster Telecom, Sprint, and Alltel generally do. T-Mobile and Cingular are a bit flaky. This is not accurate. Sprint phone