Can you transfer pictures from computer to card reader?

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Yes you can. The card reader is viewed by the computer as a removable drive.
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How do you transfer pictures from a computer to a CD?

\n. \n Answer \n. \n. \nSelect(highlight)the items that you want to transfer. Then RIGHT click and go to "Send To" (it should have another column come up on father to your right) then click on "CD Drive (D:)" and it should copy to your CD!!!

Can you transfer pictures to a digital memory card from your computer?

Answer . Yes, if your computer has a memory card reader that your particular memory card will fit into and work with. The card reader will allow your computer to read and write to the memory card as though it were any other disk drive, and you can even use the same Windows Explorer to do so.

How do you transfer pictures from computer to camera?

Make a file backup folder on your computer and copy all those photos to it and call it a by new name. Now delete the bad or poor pixs from the orignal photo file . Select the pictues remaining one by one or other and send them to your camera which is listed as a drive. Or select each pix -copy them (MORE)

How-to transfer pictures from a computer to a flash card?

Windows . One needs to plug the flash card into the computer in some way. If it is USB, simply plug it into the USB port in the back or front of your tower. If it is an SD card, you'll need a "Card Reader" in order to put it in.\n. \nMost USB flash drives are "Plug & Play" in that they should ins (MORE)

Transfer camera pictures to your computer?

Digital cameras usually come with software for installation on your computer. A cable is also usually included, so that you can connect your camera to a computer port, such as USB. When connected, the software program should open automatically. You should then have access to options for transferring (MORE)

How do you transfer pics from computer to card reader?

Use the click and drag method. Open My Computer - expand the drives so you see the card reader. Expand My Documents until you see the picture file(s) you want. Left click on the picture file, hold down the button and drag to the card reader, let go of the button.

How do you transfer pictures from the computer onto a memory card?

At least, we should have a card reader that support your memory card type. Attach the card reader to the PC through USB connection and you will see your memory card on "My Computer" windows. Consider it as one of your hard disk drives and you can use it easily.

Is it possible to transfer pictures from a computer?

Yes, if you want to know how that is a different question. Thesimplest method is to connect an external device like a memorystick to your computer, click on the pictures' name or number anddrag them to the stick.

Transfer pictures from juke to a computer?

How Do I Transfer Pictures From My SCH-U470 (Juke) Phone To My Computer? . Although there are no configurable options available to transfer pictures directly from the SCH-U470 (Juke) handset to a PC, pictures can be sent from the handset directly to your Verizon PIX Place album. Please contact your (MORE)

How do you transfer pictures from your blackberry to the computer?

If its one or two you can email them to yourself, If you have a few, dowload the Blackberry Desktop Software, This includes a Media Manager that makes it easy to transfer all your Media including pictures to your PC. (MORE)

How do you transfer pictures from your computer to your laptop?

There are multiple ways to do this. First you can burn the images to a CD then add them to your laptop. Second you can use a Flash drive to transfer the files. Third, you can access your laptop through your network and transfer the files via Ethernet cable or through wireless.

How do you transfer pictures from your computer to your blackberry?

You cant transfer pictures, but if you want a picture from the internet ex. a picture from Google images or facebook. you go to browser then click the dotted button on the bottom of the phone and click save images, i have a blackberry storm 2 . so that's how it works on mine. One way that I use I (MORE)

How do you transfer pictures from your DSi to your computer?

First, Get Your DSI. . Then, Switch It On. . Next, Go To DSI Camera. . After That, Click Album And Get The Picture You Want. . Soon After, Highlight The Picture And Click The Facebook Icon That Looks Like This; . Connect To The Internet Type In Your Email And Password And Login. . Fi (MORE)

Can you transfer pictures from your DSi to your computer?

Yep. Under "other" in the camera menu, you can transfer the pics first from the system memory to the SD card. If you have a lot, you can give the ones you want a sticker, but if you want all of them, there is a button to transfer all. Once that is done, stick the SD card in your computer's card read (MORE)

How do you transfer pictures on computer to CD?

You have to have a disc burning program on your computer. Each program is different though. For me, you drag the picture file to the list of pictures you want to put on the disc. Then you place the blank disc into the computer and burn it. Your Welcome!!!

How do you transfer pictures from iPhone to computer?

If you're using Windows OS (Windows 7 or Vista) then just connect your iPhone to your computer via USB cable and wait for Auto-Play option. From the auto-play menu choose Import pictures and videos option, input tag names if you want and in then end click on start button. That's it. You can also g (MORE)

How do you transfer pictures from computer to facebook?

It is possible to upload one's photos from his or her computer ontothe social media network of her choice. Essentially, it is assimple as clicking the "add photos" link on the main page of mostsocial media websites. Then just go to the location of one'sphotos, select one to upload, and click okay.

How do you transfer pictures from your computer to your ipod?

1.) Upload your pictures to your computer. 2.) Connect your iPod toyour computer. 3.) When iTunes opens will usually open iPhoto (if notfind the photos you want to transfer from your computer to youriPod and within iTunes - click on the "photos" button and followthe directions (it may be (MORE)

Transfer pictures from android to computer?

First, connect your Droid phone to your computer. Then go to the notifications area on your phone and tap on the one that says USB something. Then click on Mount. Then, when it appears on your computer's screen, select the action that you want to do. To disconnect your phone, just go to the notifica (MORE)

How do I transfer pictures from my camera to my computer?

Most cameras have a USB lead (cable) supplied that plugs into the USB sockets (the same as for plugging in webcams). You need to: . Plug the lead into your computer . If you are using Windows (don't have a Mac so don't know about them) go to Start or the Windows icon-> My Computer . The camera s (MORE)

How do you transfer 3D pictures to a computer?

Well the easiest & quickest way to transfer pics is to use an SD card: . Make sure you have an SD card inserted into your 3DS system (Every 3DS system comes with a great 2GB SD card) but any other SD cards will do. . Take all the pictures you want. . Be sure that all the pictures you take are s (MORE)

How do you transfer pictures from your ps3 to your computer?

Use a USB flashdrive to download them unto it from your PS3 and unload to your PC. I don't believe you want to use something like facebook but believe it is also possible to transfer them to facebook and then your PC if you mean Photos 

How do you transfer pictures from tablet to computer?

To transfer pictures from a tablet to a computer one would need a USB cord, with the correct sized port for the tablet and the correct size port for the computer. Usually one would connect the tablet to the computer via USB cable, and then open the desired folder for the tablet items and open the de (MORE)

How do you transfer pictures from computer to sd memory card in the mobile phone?

Every phone is a bit different but mostly they follow the same rules , depending on your phone it can be as easy as to connect it to your computer as a mass storage device and use windows explorer to copy and paste to the SD card. First you will have to find the Drivers for your specific phone ie HT (MORE)