Can you use 2 coupons on 1 item?

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depends on the stores policy on coupons
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Why are coupons used?

Coupons are used by companies as an inducement to bring incustomers. This does not only mean retail. Many other types ofcustomer facing business will have a marketing strategy

Why use coupon?

To save money. Coupons usually give a discount. On the other hand, many people wouldn't buy the object in the first place if they didn't have a coupon.

How do you get US coupons?

That's easy. Simply subscribe to an newspaper and collect the coupons on Sunday. You can also print coupons online.
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Can you use more than one coupon to get more than one of the same item?

The answer will depend on the conditions which should be printed on the coupon or available wherever you got the coupon from. Normally, if the coupon is for the sale of a sin