Can you use a chain for self defence?

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yes, nearly anything can be used for self defense
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Is it OK to murder someone by self defence?

Answer: No but it is okay to hurt them bad enough to get away from them, never should it be okay to kill a human by self-defense. They are a living being. Would you want to be killed by self-defense of someone else. I don't think do. Your family and friends would miss you. Think of a better wa (MORE)

If you stab someone in self defence can you be arrested for murder?

Sure, you can be arrested for murder, if the stabbed person dies. You can also be tried for murder. "Self Defense" is a legal defense to a criminal charge of murder. Self Defense is a defense to a criminal charge and in a criminal trial. It has nothing to do with being arrested.

What happens if you hit someone in self defence and they die?

there are limits on how far You can go on the street, you're under at least some obligation to try to avoid violence to retreat at least Part way, if Possible, before striking a blow in self-defense. But this is a fine legal line. You become the aggressor when you use defensive force that is clearly (MORE)

Womens self defence?

Most martial arts are considered a male activity, however there is one martial art that was invented by a woman. It is called Wing Chun , and its probably the fastest, most skillful, and most effective for self defense. Most women will be concerned that they do not have much power behind their s (MORE)

What does the Bible say about killing in self-defence?

First lets open with Exodus 21 (NKJV) . The Law Concerning Violence. 12 "He who strikes a man so that he dies shall surely be put to death. 13 However, if he did not lie in wait, but God delivered him into his hand, then I will appoint for you a place where he may flee. 14 "But if a man (MORE)

Why is muay thai only used for self defence?

you're supposed to use muay thai for self defence outside of the dojo but they're are people who abuse the art to bully other people.. using muay thai on a untrained person can seriously injure them

Is it OK to murder someone by self defence in Canada?

No. NOT murder. But the Criminal Code of Canada states that any person can use deadly force only to prevent the death or grevious bodily harm to themselves or any other individual. What it comes down to is justifying your actions in court. It is the court that a person has to prove why they kill (MORE)

In the UK is it illegal to use pepper spray as self defence on an intruder in your own home or property?

The police advice in the UK is that you can use 'appropriate methods' to defend yourself and your property. You do not have to think hard about the appropriateness in the heat of the moment, but the force must not be excessive. In those terms, it is up to you to think whether it is good to carry a p (MORE)

Is an airsoft gun a legal self defence weapon?

It depends on where you are. In the US, almost anything can be done if you get the right judge and a decent lawyer. Elsewhere, firearms are for the most part illegal anyway and using one on another person - no matter what the reason - is very much not permitted.

Can you get arrested for carrying a truncheon for self defence?

depending on the type of truncheon yes you can be arrested for carrying them as they are a dangerous weapon. Many countries have banned certain types of truncheons (or clubs/nightsticks as they are also known as). My suggestion would be not to carry a truncheon, and if you feel the need too, keep it (MORE)

How effective a 6.35mm pistol is for self defence?

Regarding self defense, the 6.35 (.25 caliber) is one of the least effective cartridges available. The average muzzle engery ratings are in the 65 foot pound range, which is actually less than some .22 shorts.

What is the best type of self defence?

What is "best" is entirely a matter of opinion. What is effective, and works for self defense is available in many forms and various system of Martial Art from all over the world. What makes it effective to a great degree depends on the feasibility of the technical applications, and proposed tactics (MORE)

Is boxing good for self defence?

It's proven itself time and again in street brawls since the sport's revival in the early 1700's in Great Britain. The modern sport of boxing, was the only "self-defense" smaller kids had against bullies prior to the 1970's with the rise of the more "exotic" fighting arts (like Karate). In fact, a g (MORE)

What is the best 380 bullet for self-defence?

Opinions will vary on this one, and what characteristics you want to emphasize on will affect the ideal round for you. Personally, I'm partial to the Speer Gold Dot hollow points. However, circumstances and your personal priorities may not make this the ideal round for you. For example, one may desi (MORE)

Adaptations for escaping from predators by self-defence?

The best adaptation for escaping predators by self defense is thespray of a skunk. I don't know any predators that don't give upwhen sprayed, with the possible exception of a great horned owl.There is evidence that skunks can't spray when picked up and thisis what owls do.

Can you teach a self defence class?

self defence is something to keep people safe, if it will benefityour safety then you should be able to teach a class on it, if youknow how.

If you kill someone in self defence will you be charged with murder?

You can be charged with murder if you kill someone in self defense. You killed someone else. That person is dead. The reason could be first degree murder, second degree murder, voluntary manslaughter, involuntary manslaughter, or self defense. In each case, the other person is dead and you killed hi (MORE)

What one is better for self defence judo or karate?

In one on one unarmed situations JUDO In multiple opponents or if your attacker has a weapon, KARATE But, just for your information, there is no better martial art than others, it really depends on the skill.

What are a crocodiles self defence mechanisms?

Crocodiles have many defense mechanisms, for which they are known. Listed below are a few. . The ability to bite. Crocodiles have more bite power than any other animal, exceeding 5000 psi. . The death roll - in which a crocodile bites down, hold on, and then rapidly spins its body. This usually ca (MORE)

Which martial arts is the best for self defence?

It all depends on many factors and you will find someone to argue that "their" form of martial arts is the best for self-defense. Many martial art's studios are training for competition rather than reality-based self-defense. Personally, I train in Krav Maga since it is not designed for competition (MORE)

How can you practice legal self-defence?

The word "Aikido" literally translates as "the way of peace & harmony". This form of self-defence was developed in Japan after the Second World War when the Americans banned many martial arts. If you follow up your internet search you should be able to find a club in your area. You will be abl (MORE)

What one is better self defence or karate?

They actually go together. Karate will teach you many self defense techniques and methods, as well as increasing your awareness. Karate also teaches self discipline and patience.

What is the best 9mm pistol for self defence?

There is no one answer to your question- otherwise there would be only one 9mm pistol made. It ill be the weapon that YOU shoot best, and is the most reliable in functioning. I am partial to the Browning Hi Power, other people prefer the Glock, some like the Sig, some S&W, some Mauser, Walther, Colt (MORE)

What is the self defence of the lion?

The lion has its strength and is known as one of the world's fiercest animals. The lion's jaw is very powerful and the lion's teeth are also big weapons. They are not very fast compared to leopards and cheetahs but their claws could also come in handy during the need of self-defense.

Does an okapi have a self defence?

Large ears to detect the movement of predators, such as leopards. Also the patterning on the legs, similar to a zebra's, has a confusing effect from behind when large groups run together. The predator finds it hard to distinguish one okapi from another - thus making it harder to single out and hunt (MORE)

What kind of self defence is karate?

Karate is a martial art which not only teaches you to have a control on your senses but also teaches you some good self-defense. It teaches you disciple and emphasize never to be very aggressive. It has some really good techniques to knock out your opponent.

Do deer use self-defence?

Deer are built for speed. When attacked, they prefer to flee. However, moose do have a tendency to attack domestic dogs, thinking the dog will attack them.