Can you use a chain for self defence?

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yes, nearly anything can be used for self defense
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Why is muay thai only used for self defence?

you're supposed to use muay thai for self defence outside of the dojo but they're are people who abuse the art to bully other people.. using muay thai on a untrained person c

How do you use self defence?

if somebody trys to attack you you stick up forself and ppunch kick the other person that's how you use it

Can you teach a self defence class?

self defence is something to keep people safe, if it will benefityour safety then you should be able to teach a class on it, if youknow how.

What are a crocodiles self defence mechanisms?

Crocodiles have many defense mechanisms, for which they are known. Listed below are a few. . The ability to bite. Crocodiles have more bite power than any other animal, excee

Do deer use self-defence?

Deer are built for speed. When attacked, they prefer to flee. However, moose do have a tendency to attack domestic dogs, thinking the dog will attack them.