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Learn more about how to defend yourself in dangerous situations. Ask questions about martial arts, weapons, alarms and other modes of self-defense here.

Asked in Miscellaneous, Mental Health, Self-Defense

How do you not freeze up in a fight?

Practice Fighting with your friends, use pads. Study various fighting arts such as Jujitsu, atemi waza, etc., as well as some of the more modern teachers of street fighting tactics and techniques, and incorporate from whatever you study only that which is useful to you. For example, if you're not very strong on kicking techniques or joint locking techniques then do not incorporate them. You want simple, easy to use tactics and techniques that are applicable to a wide variety of different...
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Where can you find information on self-defense products for women in the UK?

Read the links below there is a lot of difference between the UK and US legal systems on what is allowed and assuming the spelling above which is American you might want to understand it before you launch into buying things. Items bizarrely enough which are often not illegal to sell in the UK but may be to use! You can find almost anything on the internet but items such as marker sprays (genrally considered legal) can be mixed in with...
Asked in Criminal Law, Self-Defense

Will you go to jail for assaulting somebody in self defense?

An assault is a threat of bodily harm with an apparent ability to cause the harm. It is both a crime and a tort and, therefore, may result in either criminal or civil liability. If someone puts their hands on you in a threatening manner you are allowed to use the force necessary to escape or to defend yourself from harm, but only the amount necessary and no more. This is self-defense. The two are not mutually exclusive. What you believe to...
Asked in Self-Defense, BB Guns, Gun Laws

Can a BB Gun be carried for self defense?

No, it cannot. BB guns are ineffective for self-defense.
Asked in Self-Defense

Can you get demoted in JROTC for self defence?

Well it might depend on the school's instructor but usually physical violence or just being involved in that has a high chance of demoting you. ...
Asked in Martial Arts, Self-Defense

Is wrestling good for self defense?

If your opponent is not versed in wrestling himself, or street fighting tactics, then wrestling is a good form of self-defense. But if your opponent is experienced in street fighting tactics you have a problem. Self-defense systems should be fluid and open to new techniques, but only those that work. To paraphrase Bruce Lee, absorb what is useful and discard the rest. wrestling is a martial art that specializes in pure strength and size and if against an amateur in martial arts,...
Asked in Abusive Relationships and Domestic Violence, Self-Defense

Why do men hit women?

Not all men do, but some are rude and disrespectful and do it just because they can because they find women weaker then them. ...
Asked in Law & Legal Issues, Cars & Vehicles, Self-Defense

Can you shoot a thief in your car?

In the car out the car, you can shoot a thief from anywhere
Asked in Self-Defense

How does the blue whale use self defense?

A blue whale cannot fight back because it is not in it's nature to fight. The blue whale's shape allows it to swim away from any predators. A mother whales travel in groups with thier young. If an enemy attacks the baby whale. The mother whales will protect it. ...
Asked in State Laws, Self-Defense

What is a gas airsoft gun?

An air-soft gun that is powered by CO2 or green or red gas instead of a spring or a battery. ...
Asked in Aikido, Self-Defense

You have been fascinated by The Complete Book of Karate by Bruce Tegner 1972 and would like to get his Complete Book of Aikido and Complete Book of Self-defense?

I'm not sure what your question is, but his books are still available through Amazon, eBay and other similar sources. ...
Asked in Criminal Law, California, Self-Defense

What is the punishment for stabbing someone?

Good one. This depends on the state - but most of use agree and make that start at a class C felony (assault with a deadly). You can do hard time my friend, maybe up to 10 years depending on exact facts of the case. My advice, try to make friends and minimize the "I was trying to kill em" mentality. If it is a first offense, and the victims was hurt fairly little (for a stab wound), you will probably...
Asked in Self-Defense

How do you protect yourself from someone who wants to kill you?

Call the Police and tell them your situation. As the answer above states, it is VITAL that you report it to the police. Not only will it then be on record, but they can also give you good advice on safety. Also, never go anywhere alone, and change your daily routine and your normal routes of travel. Keep pepper spray in your hand (not in your purse or pocket) anytime you are walking into or out of a building, or when...
Asked in Iver Johnson Firearms, Self-Defense

Why did Iver Johnson choose such an incredibly weak round such as 32 SW short for a self defense revolver and how useful is a 85 grain bullet traveling at 680 FPS in a defensive situation?

Well, IJ just chambered a revolver in 32 SW short, and they certainly weren't the only company that did. Maybe people bought them for self-defense and maybe for plinking or keeping possums out of the henhouse. Paraphrasing "Cartridges of the World", the 32 SW probably ranks along with the 32 ACP in general popularity because it is adaptable to small, light, cheap pocket handguns. In other words, it's a hideaway gun intended to be used at very close range, not something to...
Asked in Self-Defense

Can boys use self defense on girls?

Yes. Within reason. Using self defense does not always mean hitting or hitting back. There are times when hitting back are appropriate but never good. Self defense is more than physically fighting back. Blocking and avoidance are also part of self defense. You can be bullied by either gender and young men often find themselves at odds when physically abused by a female. Note I did not use the term young lady since a "young Lady" never strikes a young gentleman. Blocking and...
Asked in Self-Defense

What does the Bible say about killing in self defence?

"Thou shalt not kill" is one of the Ten Commandments, not a suggestion.
Asked in Psychology, Self-Defense

What is the scientific backing on yelling 'fire' when being attacked. Seems to be a commonly self defense strategy.?

When someone here's help,help, many people will run from the source for they don't want to be involved in a situation where help is needed for they may end up becoming hurt themselves. Fire.., well many people will come to watch something burn, or even be a hero. Even the elderly. ...
Asked in Martial Arts, Self-Defense

Are there any self-defense benefits to Capoeira?

As with any martial art, there are benefits to the practice of Capoeira. Some of the physical and health benefits include: Increased agility Improved balance and coordination Increased flexibility and mobility Improved muscle strength Cardio-vascular fitness helps overall health and well being Improved reflexes Better posture Intellectual and psychological benefits include improved focus and concentration, increased self-confidence and self-awareness, better self-control and respect for self and others. It also provides an outlet for creativity and an individualistic expression. The art of Capoeira is founded on the basic principles found in...
Asked in Self-Defense

Is their a self defense law in Delaware?

No, the Judicial Branch gives the rights to people for self-defense. It might not be specific laws for things like that. ...
Asked in Self-Defense

Is it OK to murder someone by self defence?

Answer: No but it is okay to hurt them bad enough to get away from them, never should it be okay to kill a human by self-defense. They are a living being. Would you want to be killed by self-defense of someone else. I don't think do. Your family and friends would miss you. Think of a better way besides murder but if you have no other option then that's okay in a way to murder them if you have no other...
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Legal advice for self defense during a fight?

You are allowed to protecet yourself but not allowed to use any more force or resistance than necessary to thwart the attack. NO retaliatory srikes or injuries. ...
Asked in Karate, Self-Defense

What is the self-defense of karate?

The self defense applications within the art of Karate are varied and widespread. While the kicks and strikes are obvious, there are many other techniques including grappling, joint locks, throws and take downs within the art. To understand even a fraction of the available techniques requires years of study, but even a few months can add a variety of skill to one's abilities. ...
Asked in Self-Defense

Is it legal to kill in self-defense in England?

It is never 'legal'. The exact circumstances will all have to be taken into account. If it was clearly a case of it either being you or the attacker being killed, then you will probably be acquitted. Same for accidentally killing an attacker in self defence - like if you pushed him away from you, but he fell and hit his head, dying from the injury. However if you gained the upper hand and then deliberately killed the attacker, expect to be...
Asked in Taekwondo, Tai Chi, Self-Defense

How can you learn Tae Kwon Do self defense moves?

Answer Your instructor will teach them to you when you are ready. For an instructor to share these techniques with you requires a trust that you will not misuse them and hurt people inadvertently, nor teach them to others until you are properly trained and certified as both a Black Belt, and qualified Instructor. Self defense is one of the primary reasons that people become involved in the martial art, and learning to defend yourself will be among the first things that your...