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Can you use peel and stick carpet over carpet padding?

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No, the carpet pad moves far to much and your tile will look loose and crooked in a very short amount of time. Also, the carpet pad will not allow the adhesive to bond to it.
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How do you remove carpet pad?

Answer   The padding is simply stapled to the subfloor in most cases. If it is stapled down, just rip out the padding in pieces as large as possible. There will be small

How much does carpet padding cost?

It's a little bit of incomplete question. In  general carpet pads are available in custom sizes, thus the cost of  it varies according to their use. If you want to know the

What is carpet padding for?

When used with area and Oriental rugs, carpet padding is used to provide an extra cushion beneath your feet, to prevent the rug from sliding all over the floor, and to promote

Can you use peel and stick carpet on top of regular carpet?

  You would be better off buying a rug or a large piece of carpet remnant if you don't want to take the original carpet up. The peel and stick won't stick and you would en

What can you use to stick down carpet tiles?

Carpet tiles are moderatly high tech flooring, the install instructions are available from the manufacturer & that will include the allowable & recommended adhesives. Withou

What thickness of padding should you get for carpeting?

contrary to what the salesman will tell you cushion is about comfort not wear. Pick the one that gives you a great feel & you will be happy. 7/16" 6 pound density is a good pl
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Where can one find carpet pads?

Carpet pads can be found in almost any local hardware store (Home Depot, Lowe's, etc). Prices can vary with different types of carpet pads, and the thickness of the pad itself
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How much does carpet padding weigh?

A flat rubber carpet padding may weigh 22 pounds per cubic  foot and a prime urethane carpet cushion may weigh only 4  pounds, but the ultimate performance factor is how man