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Can you warm a kitchen by leaving the oven door open?

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That only works if the oven is ON .
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Why can't you warm the kitchen by leaving the oven door open?

  First of all it will waste a tremendous amount of electricity. The heating elements will probably over heat trying to heat a room rather than a small space like the insi

Why do oven doors open down?

  a) so that it doesn't get in your way when your taking thing out. b) gives you a surface you can put hot things down on.

How can you open the oven door to clean the inside of the glass?

Glass oven doors are commonly double-glazed to keep the efficiency of the oven. Otherwise, the heat would leak out. These are sealed units, and there should be no need to clea

Why should you grill with oven door open?

A grill is designed to heat the food from one direction; I'd  imagine from the top in your case. If you close the door the heat  builds up inside and it just cooks the food

Can a kitchen be cooled indefinitely by leaving the door of the refrigerator open?

No, although the short-term effect would be for the refrigerator air / freezer air to mix with and cool the air in the room. The function of refrigerator is a heat exchanger

Would opening the fridge door help cool the kitchen on a warm day?

No, in-fact this act will increase the temperature, and increase your electric bill. A refrigerator cools its inside by getting ride of the heat out the back, into the same k

Is opening oven door radiation?

If oven was recently used, heat will radiate when opened. Most of the heat escaping from an oven when the door is opened is by convection, not radiation.

Can you open the door of a microwave oven when it is on?

No, you shouldn't. Most ovens are built so that you can't. Opening the door turns off the oven. If the door were opened with the oven is running the microwaves aren't shielded

Could you cool a kitchen by leaving the refrigerator door open and closing the kitchen door with windows open?

Whether you could cool a kitchen this way depends on whether you could get the heat coming off the external coils out the windows and whether the air outside is cooler than th