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Can you wash a car with dish soap?

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yes you can i wash my dads truck and my moms suburban all the time with it when we run out of car wash stuff...
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Is it ok to wash your face in dish soap?

No way! Dish soap is far too stronge for any skin on your body. Dish soap or any soap will strip any moisture from your skin leaving it dry and dehydrated. Use a natural clean

How do you make dish washing soap?

Soap is essentially soap. It has one purpose, although formulas may be different. A relatively easy recipe for homemade dish soap is: 1/4 cup soap flakes (grated ivory) 2

Can you wash your dog with dish soap?

No, It will affect them in the long shot, just try to buy dog soap at H-E-B or Walmart.   No. It will dry out their skin. Go buy a shampoo/conditioner specifically for d

Does dish washing soap freeze?

Due to recent experience, some brands of dish washing soap will separate and then thicken as temperatures drop. They return to original state as temperatures rise. Others bran

What to do if you put dish washing soap in the dishwasher?

We had that happen once! All you can do is to keep removing foam--put it into the sink. Eventually, you will get to the end of it and the dishwasher will be good as new.

What chemical is used in dish-washing soap?

Chlorine, alkyl phenoxy ethanols (APEs), dichloromethane (DCM), diethanolamine (DEA), dioxane, phosphates, sodium lauryl/laureth sulfate, and synthetic fragrances are chemical

Can you wash your bunny in dawn dish soap?

No, you can not wash your rabbit in Dawn dish soap, or any dish soap or laundry soap, or even most body soaps and shampoos -- even many soaps made for babies, cats, or dogs ar