Can you wear a girdle soon after giving birth?

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no you should wear a bra and knickers to go outside with you should show your boobs
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How soon do you have a period after giving birth?

Answer . It can take quite a while. It is longer if your nursing. I have 4 children and nursed the last 3. With the first, I had a period two months later. With the 2nd and

How soon can you use tampons after giving birth?

Answer . \nDoctors normally say nothing in the vagina for at least 6 weeks after delivery. There is a risk for infection. I would wait until the second period comes.

How soon will you get my period after i give birth?

Answer . it depends on the person and also whether you breast feed or not. i breastfed both my daughters till they were a year old and i didn't get a period until they were

How soon after giving birth can you exercise?

My doctor told me if I had the baby vaginal, to wait 2 weeks for example the treadmill. If I had a c-section then I have to wait 4-6 weeks. You can start with food as in eatin

After dogs give birth how soon can they reproduce?

It is usually 174 (about 5 1/2 months )days between each heat. If you wean then pups at 8 weeks and then wait to breed the mom again, it sould only be about 3 1/2 months befor

How soon after giving birth can a rabbit mate?

Unfortunately, female rabbits can get pregnant right after theygive birth because they don't have cycles like most mammals. Thisis one of the many reasons for overpopulation o

How soon after giving birth can a dog be spayed?

The normal accepted answer to this is six months. In cases of an emergency, the procedure can be done at an earlier age, but as a general rule, it should not be done prior to

How soon can a horse be bred after giveing birth?

A horse can be bred anywhere from within minutes or hours after giving birth, up to the next time they have their next heat cycle (typically within a week of birth). I have se

How soon after giving birth can a cat be fixed?

Not until after the kittens have been weaned. This is due to the spay procedure can interfere with the mother's milk supply, and the mother will likely be too sore to nurse pr

How soon to spay a cat after giving birth?

If you are talking about a kitten, I would probably say about three months. its a very good age because they start mating at about 8 months, sometimes even earlier. My cat was